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Shanna Moakler Details Experience With Booty Cream Gone Wrong: 'So Uncomfortable'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on November 25, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST

There never seems to be a dull moment in the TV celeb Shanna Moakler's life, and she never hesitates to let her numerous fans in on her life's exciting details.

Most recently, she had a not-so-good experience using a booty cream which she told her numerous supporters about via a video on her Instagram Story, expressing the discomfort she felt.

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Shanna Moakler Feels Discomforting Burning Sensation After Using Booty Cream

Looking as homely as imaginable, Moakler had her hair piled at the top of her head in a bun while she donned an open-neck white shirt and laid back on what could be a cushy recliner.

Across the update, she wrote, "How long will this last???" adding four laughing with tears emoji. Simultaneously, she narrated her ordeal in the clip, beginning with the reason she got the booty cream. 

The actress shared, "So, I just took a nice hot bath, and I used this like booty cream that's supposed to like tone and tighten your booty and like help with cellulite and our girly shit."

Unfortunately, what she hoped for was not what she got as she experienced a discomforting burning sensation, prompting her to relay her tale to her fans.

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Moakler explained, "And it is like burning. I mean, I feel like my ass is on f**king fire. Has anybody used this sh*t? What is happening? I don't even know; I don't even know what to do. This is so uncomfortable." 

Her experience with the booty cream may bring to mind the liposuction procedure she underwent back in 2014, which she described to ET Online at the time as painless and scar-free.

The airbrush laser surgery was performed perfectly without needles or stitches by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Aaron Rollins, the CEO of Elite Body Sculpture.

Moakler felt the need to have liposuction given that she has had three kids, Atiana De La Hoya, Landon, and Alabama Barker, and was in a place in her life where she desired to do "some stuff" to her chin, arms, and stomach.

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Fans may be aware that she had a C-section for all her children's births, and shedding the last few pounds in her tummy with diet and exercise were a challenging feat. The 47-year-old model elaborated, "Something that I want people to know is it wasn't just something like a shortcut or an easy way out for me."

"I work out really hard," she continued. "I work out 1-2 hours a day, and I do cardio yoga and the fancy Tracy Anderson program, so it wasn't just something I took lightly."

Moakler believed the liposuction "worked like a charm" as it helped correct a "pooch" she had wanted to get back to where she wanted. The bulge was over a C-scar which she also called a "bikini cut."

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The "Hollywood Exes" Star Shares Terrifying Flight Experience On Instagram

One other experience Moakler could not help but share with fans on her Instagram Story was an "outta body" feeling she had on the scariest flight in late September.

As The Blast reported, she narrated details while on her way home from the airport, rocking a lavender hoodie with dark sunglasses and sitting in a moving vehicle.

The reality star began by disclosing what contributed to the experience, saying that the pilot did not caution the passengers ahead about them having a "very bumpy" descent.

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Shanna Moakler outdoors dressed in all black

She repeated the pilot's exact words, noting that they were only told the winds would throw them around, which happened exactly.

Moakler felt terrified by the whole incident, making her certain she had an "outta body experience." At the same time, she confessed that she was unsure whether she could still feel her body.

Fans would recall that over a month before the scary event, the former Miss New York USA updated her followers on her plans for fall, including the activities she had mapped out for the Halloween season.

She had quite a fascinating list of fun activities; some included preparing pie, visiting the pumpkin patch, seeing a movie with family, going stargazing, attending fall festivals, and enjoying hay rides.

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Moakler, no doubt, planned for the fall season to be a memorable period despite the beginning of the rather chilly weather with the summer heat fading away.

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