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Aaron Carter's Son Celebrates 1st Birthday Weeks After His Death

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By MLC on November 23, 2022 at 6:30 PM EST

Aaron Carter’s baby boy is growing up fast.

The late-singer’s son, Prince Carter, celebrated his first birthday on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Sadly, Carter missed the occasion due to his tragic death.

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Aaron Carter's Son Turns One!

His ex-fiancée, Melanie Martin, marked her baby’s birthday with a celebration. Martin shared a video montage of Carter with their Prince to TikTok and Instagram.

“Happy birthday to my baby boy Prince Lyric Carter ?❤️?. Today is going to be a tough one for me but I know your daddy is playing birthday songs for you up in heaven I love you baby boy!!!??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????,” she captioned the video.

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Melanie Martin Shares Touching Tribute To Prince & Aaron

Martin’s fans showered the post with love and support.

“Happy 1st birthday Prince! Sending you hugs, strength and prayers. P is so blessed to have you as his mama. ?,” one verified user wrote.

Another commented, “Happy birthday to your babyboy! ? God bless you & your family!”

“Happy bday baby Prince, your dad is your angel of your own, forever❤️,” someone else replied.

“Happy birthday to the baby boy! I know these particular days can be heavier than the norm. He’s with you watching over little Prince on his special day. Lean on your support system during these hard days and give Prince 500 hugs and kisses ?,” one fan wrote.

Martin had the party at Chuck-E-Cheese and got a cake that was decorated with a photo of Carter holding his son.

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Instagram / Melanie Martin
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She also shared a video of her holding Prince while the camera panned across photos of Carter, Martin and Prince. It was paired to Carter’s hit song, “I Want Candy.”

Carter tragically died after drowning in his bathtub the weekend of November 5th.

His death certificate reveals he was cremated.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, the singer-turned-boxer’s ashes are currently in the possession of his sister Angel.

However, his final resting place has yet to be determined. Carter’s family will decide as a whole how he will be honored.

The legal document also revealed his mother, Jane, was the first to hear of the singer’s death. She is listed as the “informant.”

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He is listed as a musician in entertainment who was never married.

One major thing still to be determined is Carter’s cause of death. It was deferred weeks ago and more tests are needed to figure out what exactly killed him.

The Blast previously reported on a potential cause of death which included huffing cans.

The singer tragically passed away on Saturday, November 5th, after drowning in his bathtub.

Carter was last seen alive at 2AM on Friday, November 4th, according to law enforcement sources.

Surfaced TikTok audio and new reports from the crime scene shine a bright light on what may have caused his death.

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Aaron's Friend Alerted Police Before His Death

Aaron Carter In Las Vegas

The TikTok audio was shared by user AUNTIE_OK earlier this month.

The clip features an anonymous woman speaking to 911 dispatchers reportedly made three days prior to his body being discovered by his housekeeper.

“I was just calling to see if there’s anyway you guys could send an officer to go check in on him. The thing is, he’s a very heavy drug user and he’s inhaling computer duster and he was doing it all night,” a female told dispatchers. “They got into a huge fight and she ended up leaving.”

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The male dispatcher tells the concerned woman, “Yeah, she actually called in earlier and stated that she was going to go check up on him and call back. I don’t believe she ever did.”

It’s believed the woman they’re referring to on the phone call is Carter’s fiancée, Melanie Martin.

“Has Aaron made statements since you last spoke to him about potentially hurting himself or committing suicide or anything,” the dispatcher asked.

“He hasn’t made statements about hurting himself, but he’s made statements about like hurting other people,” the female caller responded. “Another thing to, just to note, he’s been abusing his animals and she has videos of it. So, I don’t know if that would help either. He’s very, very, very ill. He is on the verge of death.”

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