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Logan Palmer Leaves Intriguing Comment On TikTok Video About Kate Gallivan

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on November 20, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST

“Bachelor In Paradise” stars, Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer have been a hot topic in Bachelor Nationas of late.

It started when Kate faced backlash for comments she made during an episode earlier this month.

At one point in the show, Kate was speaking to another contestant, Shanae, about her position of choosing between Hayden Markowitz and Logan Palmer. After going on a date with Hayden, she realized he has a wealthy financial situation, leading her to question her relationship with Logan because of his money.

She even went as far as saying, “I know that you literally can’t afford to work out at Equinox. Like I have a trainer, Shanae,” she said in regards to Logan.

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Logan Palmer Bachelorette
Instagram | The Bachelorette
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Logan spoke out about the comments Kate made, saying, “I’m super open about who I am. I shop at Costco… I love a good Costco hot dog. I wear regular clothes that I buy from the skate shop.”

Now, more drama is unfolding as Logan left an intriguing comment on a TikTok video about Kate.

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What Did Logan Comment?

Logan Palmer Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | The Bachelorette

In a recent episode of "Bachelor In Paradise", Logan and Kate had a serious conversation, in which Logan said he felt Kate could sometimes be critical of him. Kate, who was offended by the comment, asked "Name a moment when I was critical."

One member of Bachelor Nation took that clip of Kate, and then made a TikTok video showing all of the times Kate was, in fact, critical of Logan, including the "Equinox" comment.


Logan, himself, commented on the TikTok video, "Awhhh babe? she’s so sweet to me."

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This is, of course, a sarcastic comment, indicating that Logan and Kate are no longer together. However, fans of the show will find out for sure when the "Bachelor In Paradise" reunion episode airs next week, which former "Bachelorette" lead, Rachel Recchia, says is "the messiest reunion that’s ever going to happen!” 

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Kate Defends Herself

Kate Gallivan from Bachelor In Paradse
Instagram | Kate Gallivan

The realty television star recently addressed the backlash, telling ET, “Can we just be real for a second? I am tired of having that conversation being so taboo and demonized. Money’s not something that we should be afraid of. It is a factor in life.”

“Listen, I mean, I think we all understand that it’s a TV show. There are elements that are shown and not shown,” she continued. “I always knew it was Logan. I wanted to be open-minded, give everybody kind of a fair shot, but it was always going to be Logan.”

Kate went on to explain that “obviously” money is “not everything,” though “it is a factor.”

“I was willing to be open and honest about that. I’m open to the feedback, the criticism, whatever, but, at the end of the day, I was being real,” she continued. “… These are the things you talk about with your girlfriends, like, sipping martinis behind closed doors. Of course it’s a factor.”

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Bachelor In Paradise Cast
Instagram | Andrew Spencer

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM ET. The finale will air on November 22 on ABC.

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