'90 Day Fiancé' Lisa Torn Apart By Fans For Using N-Word To Usman

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By Ryan Naumann on May 17, 2020 at 7:18 AM EDT


“90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days” star Lisa continues to feel the heat for her racist actions and fans want her removed from the TLC reality show.

Over the weekend, Lisa has been active on Instagram in the days since her husband Usman accused her of calling him the N-word. During live, Lisa admitted to using the word but acted like everyone was overreacting.

She said, “And to the ones who keep saying I’m racist. Look, I used the wrong word. I apologized it was on my post. But you guys want to raw dog it to no end. Go right ahead the truth will come out.”

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Later in the night, Lisa tried to have a chat with fans but they were coming for her. One wrote, “TELL ALL IS GONNA BE YREAT YOU CALL YOUR HUSBAND N---ER” and “Queens don’t use the N word!!!!”

Another asked, “why did Usman have to apologize for you racial slurs.”

“Will you ever apologize for your racist slurs? Or do you not feel the need to? Genuinely curious,” asked one follower.

Lisa refused to answer any of the questions relating to the N-word.

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As The Blast previously reported, hours of footage from the yet-to-air Tell-All leaked online. In one clip, Usman tells Lisa, “Lisa, last week you called me ni—er which I know is totally inappropriate in America. You called me ni—er, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving.”

Fans have been demanding TLC take action against Lisa.

One fan tweet, “TLC u allow u cast members to make death threats and bounties with live streams on instagram? Follow lisawishesshewasme on instagram to hear and see her threats to me plus her saying the "N" word and anti LBGTQ remarks. Petition to remove lisa hamme is piling high! Sign today!!!”

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