'Basketball Wives' Star Keonna Green Files Restraining Order Against Alleged 'Stalker,' Includes Nick Young

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By Mike Walters on May 7, 2020 at 6:40 AM EDT

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'Basketball Wives' star Keonna Green filed a restraining order against a woman who she claims is "stalking" her family including fiance Nick "Swaggy P" Young.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Green filed the restraining order in Los Angeles County Court, asking that a judge protect no only her, but Nick Young, and the couple's three kids.

The documents claim a 52-year-old woman from Texas has been harassing the family non-stop and that she is claiming that Young and Green's children biologically belong to her.

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"She is after my children. The stalker/stranger has reached out to several family members claiming my children are her biological children. I am asking for protection for all of us because I am not sure what she is capable of," Green wrote in the filing.

She continued, 'I do not know the stranger who is claiming she is the mother of my children."

According to the documents, in the past week, the woman starting calling family members on the phone harassing them, after showing up in California from Texas.

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Swaggy P's fiancee detailed the situation in a declaration filed with the court, saying, "(The woman) started harassing my family last year through social media accounts of my children. I blocked her from writing comments on their pages. When she could no longer reach out she made a new Instagram page which I also blocked."

As for the most recent issues, she claims the woman has, "Now... traveled from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles and showed up at my son's school, went to my fiance's place of employment and has recently contacted my brother to reach out to our family."

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Adding, "This week, she showed up to my fiances business office looking for my children left a package no one opened. Also, she alleged the person "has shown up to sons school during quarantine requesting to view the campus and called my sons school requesting a visit.

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The couple is asking this person is ordered to stay 100 yards away for their home, kids' school, and Swaggy's work. Keonna says in the filing, "I haven't reached out to the stranger because I am afraid of what she is capable of."

Nick 'Swaggy P' Young and Keonna Green got engaged in December after having an on-again-off-again relationship and having three children together. The couple's youngest child is 10 months old.

The engagement came three years after he called it quits with former fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea, amid allegations he had gotten back together with Keonna Green.

The case is now before a judge, it's unclear if the family has involved the police.

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