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Fresh Out Of Prison Billy McFarland Is Now Considered A Fugitive In Bahamas

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By Kay on November 15, 2022 at 11:45 AM EST

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Billy McFarland A Fugitive In Bahamas

The entrepreneur was just bragging about how excited he is to be out of prison and drinking energy drinks again. He even started up a new secret business called “Pirate” and while not much is known about it, he has been sharing videos on his TikTok about the endeavor and apparently sending random people away on trips to the Bahamas.

On TikTok, he shared a video of himself hiding a bottle and kicking off his new business which seemed more like a game. Whoever found the bottle was given a reward which apparently ended up being a trip to the Bahamas.

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In a separate post, a man is allegedly in the Bahamas and thanking McFarland for the experience. He was on a jet ski and living it up while praising Billy for the opportunity. That, being said, followers of his TikTok still can’t suss out what this weird business is and we are thinking the Bahamas can’t as well and that could be why they are so quick to want to stop him.

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The Bahamas Wants Billy McFarland To Stay Away

Billy McFarland
Billy McFarland / Magnises

The Island is not interested in McFarland or any of his shady business practices after the debacle that was Fyre Festival and they have kindly let him know in the form of a legal document stating that they really don’t want him there.

In the letter addressed to McFarland and making the rounds on social media, Chester Cooper, the Deputy Prime Minister signed off on a letter that read, “The public is advised that no application has been made to the Government of The Bahamas for consideration of any event promoted by Billy McFarland or any entity or parties known to be associated with him.”

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It goes on to detail why they want him to stay the heck away from their Island. “McFarland was the organizer of the Fyre Festival several years ago, a notorious charade for which McFarland was convicted and sent to prison in the USA.”

The government of the Bahamas showed great concern with what McFarland plans to do there considering his history and are just trying to nip any illegal activity in the bud!

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Fresh Out Of Prison Billy McFarland Is Now A Fugitive In Bahamas

The Bahamas ‘Not Endorsing’ His Endeavours

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The government of the Bahamas may be attempting to cover their butts just in case anything goes down. “The Government of The Bahamas will not endorse or approve any event in The Bahamas associated with him,” they continued.

Then they dropped the bombshell. “He is considered to be a fugitive, with several pending complaints made against him with the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF).” And went on to ask for help finding the business owner.

“Anyone knowing of his whereabouts should report same to the RBPF,” they ask. This letter, has of course, made the chatter on social media amp up about McFarland.

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Twitter Thinks Billy McFarland Is Crazy

Fyre Fest Billy McFarland Posts Awkward TikTok Teasing Something Bigger And Better

“Well, this is awkward,” reacted one Twitter follower. “It’s a start,” pointed out another follower. “#fyrefestival #billymcfarland Pure scum for not paying the people of Bahamas,” pointed out an annoyed follower. Over on TikTok followers are joking about the fans who won the trip missing.

Others pointed out that this could be an old Fyre Festival video and joked about the guy winning the trip and the guy on the trip being obviously two different men. "My favorite part is that you even included the pigs from the first scam."

"Thats doesnt look like the same dude at all, he grew a full beard in a week?" Yikes.

Is Billy up to his old tricks again?

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