Fresh Out Of Prison Billy McFarland Is Now A Fugitive In Bahamas

Billy McFarland Is Building A New Business On 'Trust' But Calling It 'Pirate'

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By Kay on November 14, 2022 at 9:00 PM EST

Billy McFarland is back for another round of festivals and other endeavors. He has been out of jail for 10 months and is back on his grind.

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Billy McFarland Wants To Pay People Back

Fyre Fest Billy McFarland Posts Awkward TikTok Teasing Something Bigger And Better

The entrepreneur shared with Factz that he is on the right path with his new company appropriately titled “Pirate”. He claims that he learned “so much" and “read a ton” because what else do you do in prison?

When asked what’s next for him, McFarland says. “It’s all about pirate and about rebuilding trust and paying people back and like getting back to what I’m good at. McFarland famously went to prison after it was revealed that his music festival Fyre Fest was a scam and a bunch of influencers, gen-Xers, and anyone else who bought a ticket were sold a book of lies.

McFarland went to prison when millions of dollars were misappropriated.

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Billy McFarland Is Getting A Good Response

Billy McFarland
Billy McFarland / Magnises

We aren’t sure if he is delusional or what but when asked how people are responding to him when they see him, McFarland was far more optimistic than we would ever have assumed. “it’s been fun. I think the support is better than I’d have expected,’ he says grinning from ear to ear.

“But still, it’s been only two months,” he realizes. On a sadder note, he says while the response to his release from strangers has been nice, his own friends aren’t really around.

“Lost a lot of close friends and some who I never expected who are still around so, it’s been a process.

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What Is Billy McFarlands Focused On?

“I have a concept for like connecting different people and a festival can defiantly be a part of it,” admitted the disgraced business owner. “But, I think our idea is a little bit more unique this time,” he shares.

Factz also pointed out that McFarland is in good spirits and while he agreed he admits that he “f***ed up” and has no problems being accountable for it. He pointed out that he has never been a guy who sits back.

“A lot of the problem is people expect you to do nothing,” but he looks at it this way. “Do I want to work at a desk for 80 hours a week and not pay anybody back? Or do you want to go for it, and do it honestly”

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Billy McFarland Is Using His Fame To His Advantage

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McFarland admits when asked about money, that it has been challenging to get the attention of some people but he knows he can rely on his little bit of fame because according to him there are always “attention-seekers” out there and on that alone, it opens up many doors.

He said, “for sure” he is getting meetings “it’s kind of f***ed up,” he admits with a nervous giggle but what others do isn’t Billy’s responsibility, he is already taking ownership for his mess up and apparently, he’s actually trying to pay these people back via a legitimate business.

Regardless of what McFarland has done, it is inspiring to see him have zero chill and still go so hard.

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