'90 Day Fiancé' Star Big Ed Speaks Out After Ex Rose Tore Him Apart During Instagram Live

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By Ryan Naumann on April 29, 2020 at 6:33 AM EDT

"90 Day Fiancé" star Big Ed says he is receiving nasty messages from fans after his ex Rose laid him out on Instagram.

Last night, the reality star posted a video of himself wearing a chicken hat in his living room. He is currently charging $100 for each personalized video he creates on Cameo.

Big Ed decided to avoid answering any questions about Rose specifically but still had a message for fans hating on him. He said, “What’s up you guys, Big Ed here, obviously, listen I’m working my ass off doing these damn Cameos.”

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He added, “I’m just trying to share a message. The message is love yourself and laugh at yourself. If you can’t do that, you’re fu—ed. Excuse my language but you are I’m sorry. You know what someone told me on today on Instagram. They said “Ed, I hope Big Ed gets the Corona.”

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Ed said, “that is hilarious. But it’s not but it is. Because I know what they mean. They are just kidding. Just love each other.”

Fans continued to trash Big Ed in his comments writing, “It’s overwhelming how dishonest you are in your relationship with Rose? You’ve missed out on establishing a solid relationship built on trust. You can not omit your truth and not consider it a lie. So ? I was rooting for you.”

Another said, “Why does he make himself to look like total fool? After what he did to Rose, he should hide in the bushes.”

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As The Blast previously reported, Big Ed and Rose are currently going through a nasty split. Rose accuses Ed of using her for fame and ripped him during a recent Instagram live.

She spoke directly to Ed, “how dare you embarrass me in front of millions of people.”

She said “people don’t believe him. He doesn’t really care about me. He just wants to be famous, that’s why he’s doing that. He did not even give me any gifts except bra and panties. All the words out of his mouth are lies. It’s not at all true. He did not care about me, especially my son. I always talk about you. You are always liar. You are a liar. It’s fake. All this is lies.”

Rose continues to live her best life amid the drama.

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