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Paige VanZant Gives Eye-Popping Rear View In Her Thong Panties

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By Alisan Duran on November 9, 2022 at 11:15 AM EST

Paige VanZant gives social media a jaw-dropping cheeky display!

The MMA fighter turned influencer wowed her Instagram followers with a sizzling snap of herself wearing scanty lingerie. VanZant dropped the sultry new upload on her Instagram feed earlier today, and it's been earning a ton of attention from her online audience.

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Flaunting Her Phenomenal Physique

Paige VanZant posing for the camera.
Instagram | Paige VanZant

The 28-year-old wore a black cami made of see-through fabric. It had a skintight fit that emphasized her voluptuous curves. The thin straps highlighted her toned arms as they went over her shoulders, while the underwire cups added support for her ample assets. As not to violate Instagram's no-nudity policy, VanZant appeared to be wearing transparent pasties to cover the necessary areas.

Since she turned away from the camera, her smooth back was on display. The hem of the dress-like garment was rolled up to display her round backside.

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Baring Her Booty

Paige VanZant posing for the camera.
Instagram | Paige VanZant

VanZant rocked a teeny thong. The waistband sat high over her toned hips, and her pert derrière became the focal point for the risqué snap. Its high-cut design further exposed more skin.

The photo saw the bare knuckle boxer standing in what seemed like an outdoor location. She had her backside facing the camera as both of her hands grabbed the hem of her lingerie. VanZant looked over her shoulder with a sultry expression on her face.

Her blonde hair was parted in the middle and styled in voluminous waves that hung down her back and tumbled over her shoulder. As for makeup, the application appeared glossy and natural, which was enough to enhance Vanzant's striking features.

"Another one (Rick Ross voice) ?" VanZant wrote in the caption.

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Driving Instagram Wild

Paige VanZant photoshoot
Instagram | Paige VanZant

The pic sparked a furious frenzy among those who follow her. VanZant was inundated with comments, likes, and emojis as people gave her feedback on her offering. Many of them also corrected her caption.

"I'm gonna pretend you wrote DJ Khaled and not Rick Ross because this picture is ???" one noted.

"The things people do to rack up comments on their posts. Smart move," remarked another commenter.

"She clearly trolling. She even put laugh emoji," wrote the third user.

"A little cheeky wouldn't u say???????" raved the fourth one.

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With a lot of fans posting comments in different languages, others avoided the language barrier by using a variety of emojis to convey how they felt about VanZant's sexy image. By far, the most popular ones were the fire and heart symbols. However, considering the content of the post, many opted to use the peach as well.

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Dropping 'Another' Cheeky Display

The former UFC star often teases her followers by posting racy images to her social media account. A few days ago, she dropped jaws in a crop top and G-string that left very little to the imagination.

VanZant captioned the share, "Can't wait for the next one."

Such A Tease!

Paige VanZant bodysuit
Instagram | Paige VanZant

On November 6, she let it all hang in a sheer, animal-print bodysuit. The garment had an off-the-shoulder look and extremely high leg cuts.

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