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Madonna Shows Off Her Twerking Skills Amid Growing Concerns From Fans

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By Favour Adegoke on November 8, 2022 at 10:30 PM EST
Updated on November 10, 2022 at 11:47 AM EST

Grammy winning musician Madonna has once again made headlines for her social media antics.

The singer recently shared a video of herself twerking while dancing to music in a pair of hot shorts, low cut bra, and fishnet stockings.

She previously uploaded provocative content on her social media accounts, including multiple photos of herself taken topless before her most recent upload.

Fans have expressed concern over the famed singer's recent behavior, voicing that she may be experiencing a psychotic episode. Fans have also commented on Madonna's freaky new appearance in the wake of the "Vogue" crooner's decision to make several cosmetic changes to her body and face.

Read below for more details.

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Madonna Twerks Up A Storm On TikTok

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On Friday, Madonna posted a video of herself twerking and dancing while wearing just her underwear. The video, which has since gone viral, has spurred several discussions around the acclaimed queen of pop's mental health.

The 64-year-old singer sported a black lace bra that put her cleavage on display, which she matched with a high-waist, taut short of the same color. She had her hair wrapped up in two locks and was wearing transparent fishnet stockings.

For the risque look, Madonna adorned her neck with many pieces of jewelry, several of which had cross-shaped pendants.

She could be seen in the video jiggling her waist and fondling her boobs as she danced to the opening verses of Luclover's song "L$D" playing in the background.

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When the line "bubble butt cost ten, lift it up" started playing, she extended her tongue to lick her lips before turning to the camera to show off her twerking skills.

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Fans Are Split On Madonna's Twerk Video

In the post's comment section, Madonna fans voiced their fear over the singer's actions, asking whether she needed help.

"It's like she's going through a Britney Spears moment," one fan said, referencing the "Oops! I Did It Again" singer's past mental episodes.

"You are an icon! You don't need to do this! It's beneath you!" said another fan, who felt the singer's post was not good for her image.

Some fans chose to be on the opposing side, saying that Madonna should be allowed to act however she wants.

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One fan said, "She's such a vibe. When I'm her age, I wanna be this free, full of life and not giving a damn," while another commented, "Don't let it bother you what people say.. skin is only skin deep, love YOU no matter."

Another follower wrote, "Deal with it! PEOPLE CHANGE. She is still Madonna on the inside, and she has feelings too! She is still Madonna."

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Madonna's Recent Controversial Posts

Madonna recently took to Instagram last week to upload a video of herself lip-syncing lyrics about hitting someone in the "mother f*king face."

In another video, she shared an intimate detail about her body, saying she had never been circumcised (per Page Six).

The "Like a Virgin" singer also appeared to come out as homosexual in a video she posted in October. However, she has not made any more comments about her statement nor granted any interviews to clarify it.

Madonna recently caused a buzz on Instagram after she posted several topless selfies to her stories, once again showing off her unabashed explicit lifestyle. 

Her New Facial Appearance Has Raised Eyebrows

woman wearing a queen's crown

Meanwhile, fans and other beauty experts have commented on Madonna's new "freaky" appearance. Per Page Six, several plastic surgeons have noted that the singer's face has undergone so many changes that she now looks unrecognizable.

"She does look like Halloween came a little early," an expert male plastic surgeon told the publication. "She has a really exaggerated 'V’-shape now." He added, "Overall, she looks like she has taken plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures a little too far."

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Another male plastic surgeon also shared his thoughts about the singer following an earlier post, debuting the new look. He said, "When I first saw the post, like many others, I too was very surprised by how Madonna looked," adding that the numerous procedures she had undergone made her cheeks appear "too high."

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