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Ryan Reynolds Hopes To Be The 'Ultimate Girl Dad' With Unborn Fourth Child

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM EST

Ryan Reynolds cannot wait to be a girl dad again!

The Marvel star is currently a father of three adorable little girls, Inez, Betty, and James, whom he shares with the beautiful and pregnant Blake Lively. However, while he may be okay with any gender for his unborn child, he hopes to have a daughter once more, which he recently revealed to Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on the "Today" show.

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Ryan Reynolds Wishes To Have A Fourth Baby Girl But Is Ready For Anything

Ryan Reynolds Sighting in NYC

The engaging conversation was shared on the program's official Twitter page with a caption indicating the 46-year-old was present with performers Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer to discuss their new holiday movie "Spirited."

Speaking about a "big change" about to happen in Reynolds' life, Kotb mentioned he would be having another baby prompting Hager to note that that would be his fourth child.

And when asked if it would be another girl, the movie star had no idea as he and his wife never find out their children's gender before birth. Given that he is well-versed in raising girls, he wished to have another girl but was open to anything. He said:

"I know girls, so I'm sort of kind of hoping that, but I'm ready for whatever, whatever happens."

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Speaking from experience as the youngest of four mischievous boys in his family, who he jokingly described as "arsonists and firemen," Reynolds knew how troublesome boys could be. So, he hoped to avoid that as he loved his home and well-being. Hager then called him the "ultimate girl dad," which he affirmed.

In September, The Blast reported the thrilling news of the "Deadpool" actor and his wife's pregnancy when she debuted her baby bump at the Forbes Power Women's Summit. Lively was dressed in the 70s' inspired, flashy gold short dress with a loose scarf around her neck, a silky headband, and hoop earrings.

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Fans naturally wondered about the baby's gender as it remained unknown at the time; nevertheless, several may believe it will be a fourth girl given the parents' girl army. Unsurprisingly, the "Gossip Girl" actress did not announce the news on social media as she is known for her subtlety in sharing such information.

Fans were still over the moon upon hearing of the update as they took to social media to rave, with several expressing surprise. A fan declared, "Blake Lively is raising an all-girl army, and I'm here for it! Hope #4 is a girl too," whereas another wrote in shock, "OMGG, blake lively is pregnant again???"

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One other follower mentioned that he received a push notification about Lively's pregnancy and rushed to social media to search for her best friend, Taylor Swift's "Easter eggs."

The female celebs have a pretty close relationship, and the pop songstress even named one of her songs on her "Folklore" album, "Betty," after Reynold and Lively's daughter. It is worth knowing that when the song was released, no one knew it was the name of the couple's soon-to-be-born child.

Meanwhile, given the news of the family welcoming another baby, the Canadian-American actor may take another hiatus from acting, as he once announced his intention to do so in October 2021.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at The Adam Project New York Premiere
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He explained to The Hollywood Reporter then that he attempted to "create a little bit more space" for his family with the break, which he believed was necessary as one does not get that time back.

The "6 Underground" Star Says Parenting Mistakes Made Him Succeed In Acting And Business

Reynolds may be a doting father to his three baby daughters, but he has also made some "brutal mistakes" in parenting them. The Blast reported that during his discussion of "Creativity at the Pace of Culture" at Journal House, he spoke about his experience with the girls whom he described as "wild."

He also mentioned that, like any parent, he had moments when he snapped but also believed, "It's not so much that you do at the moment that's interesting; it's what you do afterward."

The "Free Guy" actor then revealed that his parenting mistakes have made him successful in both his acting career and business ventures, making him advise his kids not to waste their mistakes.

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He told the crowd so, adding that whenever anyone made mistakes, they may be "absorbed by shame" in the moment but can use that "as a stepping stone to learning something profound."

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