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Meghan King Bonds With Her Kids After Missing Halloween

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 8, 2022 at 2:00 AM EST

Meghan King shares three children — Aspen, Hayes, and Hart — with ex-husband Jim Edmonds and like every separated family, they have to share time with their offspring by co-parenting. 

Unfortunately, the mother-of-three seems to have drawn the short end of the stick as she was left to spend the Halloween holiday alone without her babies. Now she updated followers on what they got up to now that they're back.

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Meghan King Shares Picture With Kids After Holiday

Meghan King at iHeartradio Music Festival - day 1

In the four snaps posted to her Instagram page, the happy mum posed on the bed with her two eldest kids, Aspen and Hayes, having fun making funny faces at the camera. All of them were dressed in casual wear and tousled hair as they looked to be having the time of their lives. 

The reality star explained in the caption that they were in bed because her tummy was hurting that Saturday night. She added, "Not a surprise when my slumber was crashed by my little girl complaining of an upset tummy at 1:45 am ??‍♀️. But we all woke up healthy! Frozen the musical, here we come." 

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It is expected that she would want to spend every possible time with them as The Blast shared that the "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" alum initially was sad because they spent the holiday with their dad but afterward did not feel bad about it. 

The TV personality disclosed on an Instagram video rant that she had a realization. Accompanied by the video, she gave a brief preview in the caption of what she wanted to vent about, writing:

"I spent this Halloween without my kids. No FaceTime, no photos, no contact. I was SO SAD. I distracted myself in various ways, but in the aftermath, I had a single mama realization. Listen to the end (who feels me?! Or am I totally off base here?)." 

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The podcaster then began by disclosing that initially, she was sad, but then her friend got her a much-needed home massage which she described as a sweet gesture, and she felt a little better.

The blonde beauty said that she asked her friend Kourtney to send a picture of her kids since King's ex did not send any, only to receive complaints about how "it was just a terrible holiday, the kids were so upset and had meltdowns."

This made the 38-year-old remember that "Kids suck at holidays" and how the weekend with her tots before the "All Hallows Eve" celebration was not so great. The "Bravo" star added:

"I couldn't even do all the activities with my kids in one weekend because they were losing their minds. They were tired and overstimulated and exhausted from their adrenaline rushing."

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The "Resale Royalty" guest star then noted how moms, especially single ones, convince themselves that they are missing out on things and new experiences when their kids are not with them. She advised that instead of feeling that way, making their own unique tradition would be best.

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The "Intimate Knowledge" podcaster emphasized that "holidays are a lot, and to have that taken off our shoulders is just relaxing. Really, it's all about the picture until the kids are old enough." In conclusion, she proclaimed that it was not so bad. 

Meghan King Reacts To Ex-Husband's Remarriage

Unlike most high-profile Hollywood divorces, the one between Meghan and Jim seems more cordial than most, as the bombshell still appears to care for him and his endeavors, including meeting someone new. 

The Blast reported that the "Access Hollywood Live" panelist was endorsing the former "Chicago Cubs" player's marriage to his partner Kortnie O'Connor. While promoting her feature on HUD App's "Reality Of Love," she wished the new lovebirds well and revealed to US Weekly that the 52-year-old was "spending massive, whooping, inconceivable amounts of money on his bride." 

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The entrepreneur noted that she approved and wanted him to do whatever it took to keep the 37-year-old around by taking her on lavish trips and buying her expensive things. Continuing, she said, "Do anything you can to keep this woman because I don't know what would happen if she was gone. Like, he would fall apart." 

She then mentioned that his marriage would provide stability for their three kinds because they had been familiar with the model for three years, and that was something she had not been able to provide for them with her relationships.

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