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Lindsay Lohan Is Ready To Spread Holiday Cheer!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on November 3, 2022 at 8:30 PM EDT

Move over, Mariah Carey! Lindsay Lohan just may be the queen of Christmas this year!

Spreading holiday cheer is by no means a new concept for the "Freaky Friday" star. This holiday season will be much cozier thanks to her influence; Lohan is starring in a Netflix holiday film, "Falling For Christmas" which will be released on the platform on November 10th!

Those who are busy putting away their Halloween decorations may want to get a move on: The holiday phase of the Lohanissance will begin on Friday morning at midnight.

Read on to find out what type of early Christmas gift Lohan will be gifting us all!

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'LiLo' Gets Festive: What Are The Details About Lohan's New Netflix Film?

The Blast began preparing for the holidays quite early this year when we shared the news about Lohan's new Netflix movie, "Falling For Christmas!"

Lohan, herself, has definitely fallen for her new film. She posted a still photo from "Falling For Christmas" on Instagram nearly a year ago that she captioned, "Back at work and couldn't be happier! Action!"

Lohan was drawn to doing a holiday-themed film long before the cameras began rolling.

According to our report, Lohan expressed the elements that drew her to the film in an interview with Netflix Tudum.

"Christmas time is a time where families come together," Lohan explained, "It's such a loving holiday."

"The Lohdown" podcast host has also incorporated a lot of love for her past projects while promoting her new movie!

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She posted the official "Falling For Christmas" poster on her social media accounts on October 3rd- a date which will forever live on in Lohan's history as the date that the hunky hunky Aaron Samuels (who looks sexy with his hair pushed back) first spoke to Lohan's "Mean Girls" character, Cady Heron!

"It's October 3rd. now mark your calendars for November 10th," the caption for the poster reads. The official Netflix Instagram account also shared the photo.

Lohan described the film as being "Such a refreshing and heartwarming romantic comedy" in her Netflix Tudum interview. She also added she "misses doing those types of movies."

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There Will Be Nothing To Miss This Christmas With Lohan's New Holiday Single!

The holidays can sometimes be a melancholy time of year. Holiday melancholia will soon have no power against Lohan, especially since she is gearing up to release a future holiday classic!

Lohan is set to release her rendition of a beloved holiday tune which will be featured in the film, on November 4th.

Which cheerful Christmas classic is this, you may ask? It's the only holiday tune that The Plastics wouldn't dare attack in Regina George's 'burn book.'

Lohan memorably set the standard for all school talent shows going forward after playing Cady Heron. Cady rescues the Plastics' talent show performance of "Jingle Bell Rock" after a skipping CD (remember those?) threatens to ruin their fabulous footwork.

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Cady surely stole the spotlight from Regina and company that night! However, the woman who brought her to life will be taking back the spotlight and surely propel her version into a future rom-com soundtrack classic!

Netflix shared the cover art for "Jingle Bell Rock" to their Twitter account earlier this afternoon featuring a gorgeous photo of Lohan serving looks that only a 'lady in red' can!

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Looking Ahead To Future Career Opportunities May Involve A Bit Of Looking Back

The forecast for Lohan's career from here on out only looks brighter. One of her notable co-stars from the past has definitely noticed!

"Halloween Ends" star Jamie Lee Curtis played Lohan's mother in Disney's 2003 remake of "Freaky Friday" and her experience working with her on-screen daughter was anything but freaky!

Curtis recently expressed her desire to star in a potential sequel to the body-switching classic.

The Blast recently took a look at Curtis' idea for a second installment in the lives of mother and daughter duo Tess and Anna Colman.

According to our report, Curtis told Entertainment Weekly she had "only recently started thinking about" a possibility for a sequel, and that she would totally be game to get the ball rolling if Lohan were to ever express any interest.

Curtis rolled the ball into Lohan's court when she later asked Lohan if she would be down to film a sequel on Instagram over the weekend! Does this mean we'll finally get to see a Pink Slip reunion happen?

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