What Happened to Ryan Seacrest's Eyebrows?! Fans Shocked By New Look

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By Gary Trock on April 17, 2020 at 8:45 AM EDT

Ryan Seacrest / Instagram

Disney fans around the globe were elated when they were hit with the news that ABC was putting on a special night of stars singing along to their favorite magical tunes, but many were left scratching their heads over Ryan Seacrest's distracting appearance.

The "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host was put in charge of moderating the star-studded "Disney Family Sing Along," which aired Thursday night on ABC.

Featuring a huge stable of singers, from Christina Aguilera to the cast of "High School Musical," stars shared their favorite classics with fans.

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The quarantine has forced Hollywood to get creative with creating new content while most are still under shelter-in-place orders around the world, and unfortunately, stars don't have all the amenities that they are used to when productions are in full swing. Ryan Seacrest bared the brunt of that criticism when many fans were shocked by his appearance while hosting the "Disney Family Sing Along."

"You can tell Ryan Seacrest misses his makeup artist...he’s doesn’t have eyebrows tonight," one fan noted on Twitter.

Another wrote, "Y’all is Ryan seacrest okay??? Where are this mans eyebrows? He looks unwell."

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Ryan Seacrest / Instagram

One fan thinks the Ryan Seacrest we know and love is long gone:

"Convinced that’s Ryan Seacrest has died and been replaced by this monstrous robot with no eyebrows," she wrote on Twitter.

Others weren't as critical, but instead offered up some advice for Seacrest while he took care of his own makeup at home.

"We love you Ryan but pls put some powered on your face too shinny .. great job !!!" the fan commented.

Seacrest has not yet commented on the missing brows, but maybe he'll bring in someone for a final touch up before the next time we see him on camera.

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The "Disney Family Sing Along" was a big success, even through the controversy of Ryan Seacrest's eyebrows. A ton of stars shared some of their favorite Disney moments ... and fans were genuinely shook when Queen Bey showed up as a total surprise.

Beyoncé dedicated her rendition of "When You Wish Upon a Star" to the healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19, and fans are claiming Bey's cover may be better than the original.

"I was just enjoying the cheesy Disney cuteness and then they had to go and wreck me emotionally with Beyoncé," one fan commented after the performance.

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