'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments

'RHOBH' Diana Jenkins' Legal Team Identifies The Bots, Reveal Coming Soon

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By Kay on November 2, 2022 at 8:30 PM EDT

Diana Jenkins is one step closer to identifying the bots who attacked Garcelle Beauvais’s 14-year-old son as a result of season 12.

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Diana Jenkins Launched An Investigation

Diana Jenkins smiling

Jenkins has stated that she has found at least one person who is involved in the cyberbullying of Beauvais's son. On the reunion during her brief appearance, the money machine talked over Beauvais enough to get out that she hired a whole team to look into the bullying incident.

According to PageSix, the model subpoenaed Meta and have targeted an IP address of a Northern California resident. She shared the name of the account she found, it’s Instagram account @queenofthetea_.

Jenkins has put in a lot of work apparently. “Diana is committed to seeing this through and unmasking whoever is responsible and all parties who were involved,” claims the source. Jenkins promised on the reunion that she would clear her name and would keep the fans and Beauvais updated.

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And that she did, “She also wants to make sure that she shares with the public all the progress that is being made in this case, every step of the way.” This is why she is so boldly sharing the news as opposed to going straight to Beauvais, whose son was actually harmed.

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Jax Already Revealed His Attacker

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments
Instagram/Diana Jenkins

The 15-year-old had shared on his social media in the midst of the attack a few of the messages he was receiving and @queenofthetea_ was one of the people who he revealed. She wrote “You’d have your neck kneeled on if it weren’t for your white daddy. Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll deal with us.”

Now that her attorneys have identified at least one of the attackers they plan on pursuing legal action by getting subpoenas ready to hopefully gather more evidence. Currently, the account in question has been deactivated.

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Diana Jenkins Called Her Money A Superpower

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments

The model made it clear on the reunion and throughout the season that she has a lot of money and plans on using it to clear her name… oh, and make sure no more racist, hateful comments find their way to Jax.

In September, she filed a lawsuit against John Does” and “John Roes” alleging that the persons of interest attacked Jax with bots to hide their identities. The lawsuit also alleges that those behind the attack were attempting to frame Jenkins and add fuel to their fiery relationship that played out on TV.

While the investigation drummed up a handful of people internationally as well, the difference here is @queenofthetea_’s account had an IP address and phone number in California making it the most accessible.

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Jenkins and her attorneys have all the information on the account holder but for obvious legal reasons, they cannot share that information.

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