Jordyn Woods and Karl Anthony Towns are seen arriving at Dior dinner during Paris Fashion Week

Jordyn Woods & Karl-Anthony Towns Are Leaving The Door Open This Halloween

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By Kay on October 30, 2022 at 12:30 AM EDT

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns are transforming into a 70s music duo inspired by Silk Sonic for Halloween 2022!

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Jordyn Woods & Karl Anthony Towns Get Funky

Jordyn Woods and Karl Anthony Towns
Jordyn Woods - Instagram

The cute couple is rocking a fun couple’s costume. Woods posted a video of herself and Towns playing the part. They posed in an arcade with spinning wheels behind them.  The video uses Anderson Pak’s recorded intro from the album that introduced the group to introduce the model and her basketball player boyfriend.

The couple’s backs are towards the camera and they turn on cue together in semi-matching outfits. The swagger is dripping off the page as these two “drip in finesse”.

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Jordyn Woods Styled Them

Jordyn Woods and Karl Anthony Towns
Karl Anthony Towns - Instagram

We can only assume that the model was the one to style the duo. Woods has a brown and pink polka dot shirt matched with corduroy flared brown pants. She is rocking an afro that we are beginning to think is her own healthy, bouncy hair in its natural state. She rounds her look out with a pair of sunglasses.

Her man, Towns towers over her wearing his own polka-dot shirt but in black and white. His is unbuttoned featuring a white wifebeater underneath. He paired his shirt with a pair of black pants. He also wore a unique hairstyle. He was clearly the Anderson Pak of the duo.

Towns rocked a blunt cut bob haircut and accessorized the wig with Bagger Vance-style golf hat. The look is epic, not to mention, comical. Woods captioned the post, “Introducing Bruno Woods & Anderson Towns.”

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Jordyn Woods Followers Are ‘Obsessed’

Jordyn Woods in sheer bodysuit
Instagram | Jordyn Woods

The look is drawing a lot of attention for the model and her professional ball player boyfriend on IG. “Goals to be honest,” cheered on a follower. “Killed it,” says another. One follower points out that Bruno Mars one-half of Silk Sonic would love this look; “Bruno is going to be so flattered. And he’s a Libra too.”

Fans of the look instantly dubbed Woods “Thicc Bruno” complimenting her on both her banging body and the clever Halloween costume. Towns didn’t post the costume he left the couple stuff up to his girl of over two years.

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“Damn when did Bruno get thick like that,” asked a fan? Like many other celebrities, Woods is gearing up for a fun-filled weekend of Halloween parties ahead of the special day on Monday. Kris Jenner has been posting throwback photos of her favorite costumes, and Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t stopped talking about Halloween since October 1.

We have to admit we can’t wait to see what some of our fave celebs dress up as this year.

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