Kanye West loses billions anf face, preaches love

Kanye West Sued By Former Business Manager for $4.5 Million

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By Liz Walters on October 28, 2022 at 5:15 AM EDT
Updated on October 28, 2022 at 8:14 AM EDT

Kanye West is continuing to mount up legal problems including a former business manager who is suing Ye for over $4 million.

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Kanye West Faces More Legal Problems

Kanye West leaving the gym in Los Angeles

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, a business manager and celebrity account named Thomas St. John filed a lawsuit against the rapper and designer claiming he stopped paying a monthly fee agreed upon by the two parties. Of course, St. John claims Kanye got nasty and "aggressive" with him during a recent meeting and has stopped paying his bills.

In the filing, St. John says he was approached by Kanye earlier this year to provide business management, accounting, and taxation services. By March 30, 2022, Thomas St. John, the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of TSJ was "already been introduced to Yeezy’s business associates as 'Ye’s business manager,'" it reads.

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Adding, "Mr. St. John had already developed a business strategy for Yeezy’s negotiations with one of (Kanye's) key business partners. By April 12, 2022, representatives of Mr. West introduced Mr. St. John to business associates as the “CFO of Donda,” another one of Mr. West’s entities."

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Company Was To Receive All Of West's Financial Records

Kanye West2

The company says it was sent a letter authorizing them to receive all of Kanye's financial records and to begin working on a strategy for him going forward.

At the time, St. John says he was adamant to Yeezy that he wanted a two-year guarantee to start working for him. Obviously, a job like this one takes an extreme amount of time and effort, along with multiple other employees to execute. It should be noted, the company points out that it was having to turn down two other opportunities to work for Yeezy.

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"In addition to the economic costs and risks associated with committing to Defendants as clients, Plaintiff also needed assurance that Defendants would not simply walk away from the business relationship. Mr. St. John, however, proposed to compromise on an agreement with a minimum term of 18 months," the lawsuit states. In the end, the company claims Kanye agreed to the 18 months.

A deal was signed and the company was "retained to act as Kanye's “most senior financial advisor” and as the Chief Financial Officer. The contract included a "monthly retainer fee of $300,000."

Unfortunately, similar to other recent business dealings with Kanye West, he allegedly called a meeting just weeks after striking the deal to discuss dropping the company.

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"At this meeting, Mr. West became heated and aggressive. He screamed at Mr. St. John and made clear he no longer wanted to work with (St. John.) When confronted by the 18-month commitment that had just been made, Mr. West stated words to the effect of “The 18-month term was bulls--t” and “You’re insane for even thinking I would stick to it.”

Kanye Failed To Pay Remainder Of Contract

Kanye West5

Following the meeting, the company says Kanye failed to pay the remainder of his contract which included the next 15 months of payments. The rapper only paid 3-months payments, according to St. John.

"As of the filing of this Complaint, Defendants breached the agreement by failing and refusing, despite Plaintiff’s demand, to pay the minimum $300,000 monthly payments for July, August, and September 2022, despite timely receiving invoices. And it is clear based on their statements and conduct that Defendants do not intend to make any further monthly payments," the lawsuit says.

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Adding, "As a direct and proximate result of Kanye's breach, (the company) has been damaged in the amount of the unpaid fee balance of $900,000 as of October 12, 2022. It will continue to be damaged for an additional amount of $3,600,000 for fees owed from October 2022 to November 2023, through the remainder of the minimum 18-month terms of the Agreement."

In all, the company is suing Kanye West for damages in the total amount of $4,500,000.

As you know, Kanye West has made massive headlines in the past few days after attacking Jewish people in several interviews. Several celebrities and news outlets have called him out for the Anti-Semitic comments. The rapper has lost his partnerships with Adidas,Gap, and several other multi-million dollar companies. In all, West's reported net worth has been cut in half.

Kanye has yet to comment on the situation with St. John, but we are guessing he will.

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