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Taylor Swift Responds To 'Anti-Hero' Music Video Backlash

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 27, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT

Taylor Swift is listening to social media conversations and making vital changes!

Yesterday, The Blast shared the latest news about Taylor Swift's new music video for "Anti-Hero," the first single from her tenth album "Midnights."

The music video for the album's third track premiered on Friday, October 21st, which was the same day the album was released into the world. Swift promoted the video on social media as well, revealing the music video's concept was inspired by the collectively felt concept of feeling insecurity.

She invited fans to "watch my nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts play out in real time" in her post.

Fans quickly took to social media to chat about the music video, both praising and voicing their discontent over a certain scene.

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The scene in question depicts Swift stepping on a scale and visibly reacting to its response, which reads "fat."

Nearly a week after "Midnights" was released and the start of the social media conversation surrounding the "Anti-Hero" music video, Swift confirmed her awareness of the conversation and responded in a notable way!

Read on to figure out how Swift responded to the "Anti-Hero" music video reception!

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Examing The 'Anti-Hero' Music Video Discussion On Social Media

Tweets alleging the inclusion of fatphobic themes and the general concept of fatphobia in the music video began to circulate on Friday after its premiere.

One tweet brought up a previous example of a celebrity listening to critical responses and making a change as a result.

The tweet read, "When @lizzo had a word considered ableist in one of her songs, she apologized and fixed it. Thousands of disabled folks spoke about it. Same with Beyoncé. But Taylor has fatphobic imagery and it's 'you don't understand' directed at fat people?"

The tweet resonated with many Twitter users, but many readers were not having it.

Several Twitter users came to Swift's defense in the thread's responses and also in tweets of their own.

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"If you think Taylor Swift is fatphobic because she talked about her crippling eating disorder then you are the problem. If you think any time people with an eating disorder speak about their issue it's fatphobic you're facilitating the idea that people shouldn't talk about it," one fan tweeted.

"This is very wrong," another fan tweeted, "So Taylor can share her eating disorder in a documentary and be celebrated for speaking up however you will call her fatphobic when it's reflected in her art? You don't get to choose what insecurities she shares with us..." they said.

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Swift Confirms She Has Listened To Critical Reception About The 'Anti-Hero' Music Video

This particular tweet was made in response to a certain change that was made to the music video.

Earlier today, news began circulating on Twitter that the scene had been edited out on Apple Music.

The change was made without fanfare; Swift has not made a statement addressing the situation as of this writing.

@LoverAtPeace, the Twitter user who had voiced their discontent about the social media discourse in the tweet we included above, called for the scene to be restored.

"Pls edit it back," the conclusion of their tweet says.

The AV Club shared their take on the matter in their report about the video's edit, "The erasure of the scene without comment only further removes Swift from the conversation she apparently wanted to delve into the first place."

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Many 'Swifties' came to Swift's defense, expressing their support for Swift depicting her insecurity in the video in the first place.

@getawayhaunted tweeted, "@taylorswift13 i heard you edited your video and i just wanted to say that some of us see the truth in your situation and your intentions/meaning. I love you and don't feel bad for sharing your experience."

The change wasn't only met with critical displeasure.

One Twitter user responded to the news by tweeting, "Friendly reminder that fat is not a feeling. As a fat person who has an eating disorder, it was very upsetting to see that part of the 'Anti-Hero' music video. I'm glad it has been edited on Apple Music. Thank you @taylorswift13 @taylornation for making it better!"

Swift released the music video for "Bejeweled" yesterday, which marks the second music video release for "Midnights."

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