Tori Spelling slips into her swimsuit with Dean McDermott at a Mother apos s Day pool party at the beach with the family

Tori Spelling's Husband, Dean McDermott, Is 'Reunited' With His Ex Wife!

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By MLC on October 26, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott continue to keep their distance from one another, despite still being married.

The ‘Tori & Dean’ reality TV star shared a photo of him posing with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, to Instagram on Tuesday, October 25th.

Dean is sporting a buzzed head and a black t-shirt. Mary Jo wore her long blonde locks down over top of a black tank top.

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Uh-OH, Dean McDermott Is Reunited With His Ex-Wife

He simply captioned the photo, “Reunited?? #Ex’s&Uh-ohs.”

His ex-wife shared a similar looking photo, but in it she’s resting her head on Dean’s shoulder.

“Reunited?❤️” she captioned the post and tagged Dean and Tori.

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Neither Dean nor Mary Jo provided further information about the random photoshoot, but it can be concluded they’re working on some sort of project together.

Dean and Mary Jo were married from 1993 to 2006 and have on son, Jack, together. They previously reunited this summer to celebrate his graduation from San Francisco State University.

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Tori Spelling Was At Her Daughter's Birthday Party

While Dean and Mary Jo were “reunited,” his current wife, Tori, was celebrating their 11-year-old daughter Hattie’s birthday.

The “Messyness” co-host shared several photos and a video from Hattie’s “spooky Halloween Birthday.”

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Dean and Tori have five children together: Liam (15), Stella (14), Hattie (11), Fin (11) and Beau (5).

She recently took her kiddos to the pumpkin patch, but their father was nowhere to be found in during the family outing.

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It’s long been speculated that Tori and Dean’s marriage is in trouble.

They got married in 2006 and split briefly seven years later due to Dean’s infidelity. They later reunited, but the ‘90210’ actress admitted in 2021 that she and Dean sleep in separate bedrooms.

Despite sleeping in separate rooms and the cheating scandal, Tori doted on Dean as a father earlier this year.

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Tori Doted On Dean & Their Co-Parenting Relationship

She told People that she’s grateful for the partnership between herself and Dean.

“Co-parenting, Dean and I definitely have different parenting strategies,” Spelling admitted. “I'm kind of the feelings mom and he's more procedural. He's really great at timing and planning. I'm not good with that.”

Tori insists their Yin and Yang is what keeps their family afloat.

Tori Spelling’s Husband Gets Into BRAWL During Local Men’s Hockey Match
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“You need both of those to make it work. You really do need that to be a complete human. You need both worlds," she said.

As you can imagine, “Back to School” season is very hectic at the Spelling-McDermott household.

Tori explained how she’s raising her children differently than how she was raised.

"Growing up. I didn't know how to communicate my feelings. I wasn't good at it," Tori admitted to the outlet. “I'm a Taurus. I never really talked about me. I felt like I kept it all inside and that weighs on you, the stress and anxiety over keeping things inside. It manifests not just mentally and emotionally, but into physical ailments eventually."

Tori Spelling’s Husband Gets Into BRAWL During Local Men’s Hockey Match
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She noted that her kids may drag her for asking them to open up about their emotions too much.

“My kids, they'll probably say, 'Oh, Mom asks too much about our feelings.' That's okay," she shared. "I am constantly checking in and saying, 'Okay, what's up? What are your worries? Let's talk about it.'"

Tori and her children do an after-school recap of their day.

"'I can't predict the unknown, but let's talk about what scenarios could happen and talk about it.' And then when they come back from school, we do a recap,” she explained.

Tori keeps her children tight-knit by doing the things they love together as a group.

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