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Hugh Jackman Reveals What He And Ryan Reynolds Will Be Doing In 'Deadpool 3'

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By Favour Adegoke on October 27, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT

Actor Hugh Jackman is having a blast teasing fans about his return as Wolverine in the upcoming "Deadpool 3." During a recent special screening of his new film "The Son," Jackman shared his excitement about the role and said he would probably have more fun filming with co-star Ryan Reynolds than in any film he's done.

While many fans of Jackman's Wolverine were excited about the news of his character's return in "Deadpool 3," there was a lot of confusion because the 2017 film "Logan" featured Wolverine's death. Reynolds has since cleared up this confusion and said the events of "Logan" occurred years after the events of "Deadpool 3."

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Jackman and Reynolds have also teased fans about the plot details of the third Deadpool film, which is projected to premiere in September 2024. Jackman also shared that "The Son" is a "deeply personal" project for him and said it's a cautionary tale that deals with some difficult topics. 

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Hugh Jackman Says He's Going To Have Fun Filming 'Deadpool 3'

Hugh Jackman at the The BRIT Awards 2019

On Monday, October 24th, Jackman attended a special screening of his new film, "The Son," in New York. At the event, he spoke to People about reviving Wolverine, his iconic X-Men character, for the upcoming "Deadpool 3." 54-year-old Jackman said, "It's gonna be a blast! We like to call it Wolverine 10. That's what I like to call it."

In September, Jackman teamed up with "Deadpool" star Reynolds to announce that the film's third installment would feature him reprising Wolverine/Logan. A source revealed to People at the time that his role in the film would be much more than a cameo. The two actors revealed the news in a teaser video to Reynold's social media, which gathered millions of views.

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During the special screening on Monday, Jackman joked about his upcoming role. He said, "I think being on set with [Ryan] every day and those two on film in every city together everyday … I think it's fair to say they'll be punching the sh*t out of each other the whole time. All jokes aside, I'll probably have more fun on this movie than any other I've ever done."

Jackman and Reynolds have severally fed the ruse that they have a longtime feud, a joke that extends back to the first time they met while filming "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in 2009. They maintained this ruse in Reynold's teaser video announcing Jackman's feature in "Deadpool 3."

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There Was Confusion Over Hugh Jackman's Role In The Film

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

The news of Jackman and Reynolds working together excited both actor's fans, but it also created confusion about how he's reprising the role. The confusion stems from the events of 2017's "Logan," which concluded with the death of Jackman's Wolverine. Most fans assumed it was the last time they'd see the character onscreen.

However, Reynolds has since cleared up this confusion. In an announcement at the 2022 D23 Expo, the "Free Guy" actor clarified that the events of "Logan" occurred in 2029, which is many years after the events of "Deadpool 3." He also said "Logan" is a "separate thing" and that the character's death there is final.

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The Plot For 'Deadpool 3' Is A Big Mystery

"Deadpool 3" is expected to premiere in theaters on September 6th, 2024, which is still pretty far. However, there is already immense interest in the details of the film's plot, which Jackman and Reynolds have kept tightly under wraps. Fans only know that its events occur years before Wolverine's tragic death.

In another video posted on Reynolds' social media, the duo appeared to reveal the details of the film's plot, answering many of fans' questions. However, just as they began talking, Wham! 's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" suddenly began playing, blocking out everything the two actors revealed.

Hugh Jackman In 'The Son' 

Hugh Jackman after biopsy.

During his conversation with People, Jackman also shared that "The Son" is a "deeply personal" film project. "The Greatest Showman" actor stars alongside Laura Dern, Anthony Hopkins, and Vanessa Kirby in the Florian Zeller-directed drama. The film is a sequel to Zeller's film "The Father," which premiered in 2021.

Jackman said, "It's a cautionary tale that deals with some really difficult subjects." The actor also said that he'd have done "The Son" at any point" during his acting career, but that as a father, he now has a "different perspective" about the film. He said, "I've got children who are either launching or getting ready to launch … it was deeply personal."

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