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Britney Spears Fans Question Why She's Naked On The Beach... Again!

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By Kristin Myers on October 25, 2022 at 8:30 AM EDT

Singer Britney Spears is giving her fans some serious questions, especially after yesterday's cryptic post about "Project Rose."

Over the weekend, the "Oops!...I Did It Again" singer posted a topless throwback photo to mark Rose "turning two," although fans are still trying to figure out what - or who - Rose is.

On Monday night, the 40-year-old pop star followed up her topless snap with yet another naked photo on the beach.

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One Britney Spears fan confessed 'I've seen you naked more than I've seen myself naked'

Britney Spears naked on a beach in Mexico
Instagram | Britney Spears

On Monday night, the “Toxic” singer posted a photo on Instagram that features her lying naked on the beach in Mexico. The only thing she is wearing is a wide-brimmed red hat as she cups her chest with one hand, using pink flower emojis to cover up her private parts. In the caption, Britney simply wrote, “????? ?? ??.”

“We get it already. Lol, I swear I've seen you naked more than I've seen myself naked,” one fan commented. “So redundant at this point,” another follower wrote. “Just weird. I don’t agree w the conservatory ship (whatever it’s called) but u don’t know how to act girl. Like no one is doing this. It is alarming af!” a third fan chimed in.

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Britney Spears bares it all in her hotel room
Twitter | Britney Spears
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Other fans also expressed concern with her erratic social media posts. “Old pics, spinning, rant about her family, nudes, delete then repeat ?,” another user commented. “How are you always naked on a beach? Is it a private beach in Hawaii or do you just not care who sees you? So weird,” another follower asked. “This is embarrassing. Clearly she needs someone looking out for her and no one is,” another user added.

Several fans have expressed concern that Britney’s new husband, Iranian actor Sam Asghari, might not have Britney’s best interests at heart, especially since he’s dismissed her NSFW social media photos as “harmless” in the past.

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The two met on the set of her “Slumber Party” video in 2016 and started dating shortly after. Sam popped the question in late 2021 and they were married in a private ceremony in the backyard of her mansion in June 2022, although none of her family members – including the two teenage sons she shares with her ex-husband Kevin Federline – were in attendance.

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Where In The World IS Britney's Husband Sam Asghari?

Only one hour before her NSFW beach photo, Britney shared a 25-second long video on Instagram set to the tune of Norman Greenbaum’s hit song “Spirit in the Sky.”

“TB to Mexico and Maui … it’s good to stir it up sometimes !!!” Britney wrote in the caption. She later admits that she’s “happy to get home,” so it’s likely that she’s already back at her new home in L.A., even though she has still yet to share photos of the new home she bought with Sam Asghari earlier this summer.

“The people in Hawaii were so gentle and kind … and it’s crazy what nature can do for your soul … I know how blessed and lucky I am to visit these incredible exotic places, but I will tell you a secret !!!” she wrote. “Breakfast in bed in the morning was my favorite … it was the Posh English-styled coffee pot I looked forward to seeing every morning !!! The food was amazing … I saw a baby monkey named Justin Bieber and more baby monkeys in the trees … I tested the waters for the first time too !!! I’ve never had more than 2 glasses of champagne in my whole life !!!”

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Britney then dropped some surprising news: she actually hasn’t seen her husband for “a whole month.” His latest movie, “Hot Seat,” came out in July, so it’s possible he’s working on another film, although IMDb doesn’t list him in any other future projects.

Britney Spears Had An 'Explosive' Experience With Alcohol In Mexico

Britney Spears in either Maui or Mexico
Instagram | Britney Spears

“Well, my hubby was gone for work for a whole month so I got bored out of my freaking mind !!!” Britney continued, revealing that she had an “explosive” experience with an alcoholic beverage in great detail.

“I went to this half inside half outside Mexican restaurant and experienced a new drink … let’s just say it was EXPLOSIVE … it’s weird for me I don’t really feel tipsy the night of … I’m too sensitive that’s why I never do it but I felt tipsy the next two days … but WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW !!!” she wrote. “I felt my body and my blood … and the food never tasted so good in my life !!! The hamburger was a spiritual experience …”

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She wrapped up her post, writing, “I was so happy to get home, but it’s so crazy I can look back at these pictures and dream of my body in the salt and ocean … if I just close my eyes hard enough … my soul is already there !!!”

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