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Taylor Swift Promises 'A Very Bejeweled' Music Video Premiere!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 25, 2022 at 1:00 AM EDT

Taylor Swift's fanbase of 'Swifties' will have to catch up on their sleep some other time!

Swift's tenth album "Midnights" came into the world this past Friday, October 21st. The LP is still in its infancy, but has already broken a number of streaming-related records!

On Saturday, Spotify announced Swift had become the single most streamed artist in a single day, and "Midnights" became the most streamed album in a single day as well.

"Midnights" has also reached the ears of several celebs, including Swift's personal close circle. "Midnights'' producer and Swift's longtime pal, Jack Antonoff, celebrated the album's release on Instagram, and a photo of Swift and her pal and "Midnights" collaborator, Lana Del Rey, began circulating on social media.

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Swift also kept her fans in celebration mode on Instagram, posting several behind-the-scenes photos, and providing insight into the making of the record in the photo captions.

Swift may have sung "It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me," on the album's third track "Anti-Hero," but there's no doubt her fans would disagree! Especially since she is still in the process of dropping surprises related to the album!

She returned to Instagram once again on Monday afternoon and shared details about "Midnights'' second music video release. Swifties will be able to shine along to the music video for "Bejeweled" at midnight.

Read on to hear what Swift has to say about the "Bejeweled" music video!

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Swift And Del Rey Enter 'Rhythm Nation!'

Swift and Del Rey collaborated on the album's fourth song "Snow On The Beach," and the reception of the song has been anything but cold, especially from a certain well-known pop star!

"Snow On The Beach" contains a reference to one of the most legendary pop stars, the not-so-nasty Janet Jackson!

Jackson confirmed she had not only heard the song but was quite happy with it!

The Blast shared the news of Jackson's elated response.

Jackson had taken to social media, posting a TikTok wherein she can be seen listening to the song with a smile on her face!

"That's nice, that's nice," Jackson said in the TikTok after hearing her name drop in the track.

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Swift Shares More Behind The Scenes Insights Into The Making of 'Midnights'

On Friday, Swift posted a photo set on Instagram, featuring several photos with Antonoff. The first photo of the set also features Swift's friend and "Midnights'' songwriting collaborator Zoë Kravitz.

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In the caption for her photo set, Swift wrote, "Midnights is a wild ride of an album and I couldn't be happier that my co-pilot on this adventure was @jackantonoff. He's my friend for life (presumptuous I know but I stand by it) and we've been making music together for nearly a decade HOWEVER... this is our first album we've done with just the two of us as collaborators. We'd been toying with ideas and had written a few things we loved, but 'Midnights' actually really coalesced and flowed out of us when our partners (both actors) did a film together in Panama. Jack and I found ourselves back in New York, alone, recording every night, staying up late, and exploring old memories and midnights past..."

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The Strike Of Midnight Will Shine Bright!

The idea of storytelling would come up once again in Swift's Instagram post from earlier on Monday afternoon!

Swift can be seen looking pensively off into the distance in the photo, which may or may not be a still from the upcoming "Bejeweled" music video.

She provides insight into what Swifties can expect from the music video's premiere!

Swift writes in the caption, "Midnight, what a storied and fabled hour... on this sparkling evening I'll be releasing my twist on a fairytale we all know. The one about the girl and her stepsisters and the clock striking 12..."

She goes on to give fans a heads-up that "this video is wild, whimsical and created SPECIFICALLY for you, my beloved fans who have paved the shimmering path. Look out for some dazzling cameos! Join us later for a very 'Bejeweled' premiere" Swift polishes off the post with a jewel emoji!

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