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Lil Nas X Reveals Reason He Turned Down Invite To Beyoncé's Party

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By Favour Adegoke on October 25, 2022 at 12:30 AM EDT

Rapper Lil Nas X got a rare invite to a party hosted by Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé; however, the artist turned it down. Lil Nas, born Montero Lamar Hill, is getting ready to release his second studio album after the roaring success of the first, "Montero."

The "Old Time Road" singer, who is a self-acclaimed member of the beehive, recently revealed how much he loved the artist's newest album and listed his favorite tracks. Lil Nas also disclosed that he had to cancel a Beyoncé hosted party because it clashed with a concert date.

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Lil Nas X Says He Declined An Invite To Beyoncé's Party

Lil Nas X at the 2022 VMA's - press room

Lil Nas admitted that he was as big a Beyoncé fan as any other person; however, he had to decline a party invitation hosted by the star. The "Old Time Road" artist joined E! News in an interview on October 21 and revealed that the invitation, as tempting as it was, clashed with the dates of one of his concerts.

Although Lil Nas admittedly considered skipping out on the concert, he thought about his gathered fans and ended up declining the invitation. "I've actually been invited to come to one of her Renaissance parties, and that was super dope," the artist said.

"I think it was on the day of one of the shows, and I was like, 'do I completely leave my fans stranded and don't come to the show to see Beyoncé or not,' but you know I couldn't," he continued. "Some time, though, for sure."

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'Renaissance' Made Lil Nas X Feel 'Liberated'

Beyoncé posing for the camera.

Beyoncé released her seventh studio album, "Renaissance," earlier this year, and it had the Beehive, as well as the rest of the world, in an uproar. Lil Nas, who revealed that he was a proud member of the fan club, felt no differently.

While talking about the album in his interview, the "INDUSTRY BABY" artist said that the album made him feel "liberated" and disclosed his two favorite songs. Lil Nas listed "Church Girl" and "Heated" as his best two out of the album.

The artist explained, "The overall idea of this super duper pop legend, not even this music legend in general, going into this direction that's not really mainstream at all. I think that's just so big of her. It's liberating."

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Lil Nas X Partners With Sing For Hope

Lil Nas X at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

Over the past few months, Lil Nas has collaborated with several major brands, one of which is M&M's. The partnership also involves a nonprofit organization called Sing for Hope. The non profit aims to use creative programs to provide healing, connection, and hope to millions worldwide.

"I think my favorite thing about this partnership is that I get to work with a brand that's as legendary as M&Ms and knowing that it also has a cause helping spread music and inspire through connection," Lil Nas explained.

"I feel like it's really great, and we co-designed this after my tour, and the colors are beautiful, and I think there's going to be a lot of people saying the same, so I'm excited about it."

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The artist also recently partnered with rapper Saucy Santana for "Down Souf Hoes," which he said was a "strip club anthem." Lil Nas said, "I feel like for "Down Souf Hoes," the song is just like a strip club anthem, but I feel like the message of two queer artists coming together and making such a banger. I feel like that's its own message."

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Lil Nas X Paused His Concert For A Bathroom Break

Lil Nas X at the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas

While Lil Nas previously declined to call off his concert to go to Beyoncé's party, the artist paused his Atlanta concert to answer nature's call. In a video filmed by a concertgoer, he was heard telling the audience that he only needed "a minute or two" to do his business.

"I'm backstage, and this is, like, not a part of the show, but I'm taking a mean sh*t, so please forgive me," Lil Nas said. "I'll be right back." After the concert, he took to Twitter to reveal that he was serious about doing number two at the time. "lmao, people really thought I was joking," the artist tweeted. "I was literally back there dropping demons into that toilet."

Lil Nas spoke about his next album; however, a release day is not yet known. He previously said that it would be something for "the girls to get ready and party to." In the E! News interview, he claimed the piece would be his "best piece of art."

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