Rapper Fetty Wap Sued For Allegedly Strangling And Punching A Woman Inside His L.A. Home

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By Mike Walters on April 6, 2020 at 3:10 PM EDT

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Rapper Fetty Wap is being sued by a woman who claims he brutally attacked her inside of his Los Angeles home, and during the alleged assault, she claims he not only strangled her but also punched her in the face.

According to the legal documents, obtained by The Blast, The woman claims in June of 2019, she was invited to his home where the 'Trap Queen' rapper and a bunch of friends were partying.

In the lawsuit, filed by prominent personal injury attorney Greg Kirakosian, the woman claims "during the course of the night, Fetty Wap consumed numerous alcoholic beverages culminating with (Fetty) drinking tequila directly from the bottle. Without any justification or provocation, (Fetty) began getting aggressive and physical toward numerous people, including the (her).

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At that point, the woman claims "near the end of the night, (she) made an off-the-cuff comment to her friend about the party that Fetty Wap overheard. Fetty Wap immediately approached (her) and aggressively placed his face directly to (her) face while threatening to harm her. He then pressed his finger on her forehead and forcefully pushed her head back."

In the filing, the alleged victim claims the attack go so bad, he "violently grabbed Plaintiff by her throat and strangled her." She adds, "While still choking her, (Fetty) forcefully pushed Plaintiff against a window and threatened Plaintiff by saying “I’ll kill you.”

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During the brutal fight, the woman claims a witness of the attack was able to break the two apart...but says "Fetty Wap continued to grab and push (her) before finally swinging and punching Plaintiff directly in the face."

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A video of part of the incident made its way online, shortly after, which shows Fetty Wap swing and knock the woman's cell phone out of her hand while she questions him about the alleged assault.

According to the lawsuit, she says during the melee Fetty Wap grabbed her by the "arm, neck, and hair, ripping parts of her clothes and her neckless from her body." She claims at the time, she "felt extreme fear for her health and safety and felt extreme pain and swelling on numerous parts of her body."

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Immediately following the incident, the alleged victim called 911 and reported the violent incident. The LAPD investigated the case and ultimately sent it to the Los Angeles District Attorney for possible criminal charges.

The woman does not include a specific amount she is suing for -- but says she "continues to suffer from extreme distress, humiliation, indignation, and outrage as a result of Fetty Wap’s intoxicated and violent conduct."

According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles District Attorney declined to file charges against Fetty Wap for the incident, citing a lack of evidence. Investigators claim the witness in the case refused to provide any identifying information.

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