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Adrienne Bailon Reveals This 'Heart-Bursting' Motherhood Experience

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on October 24, 2022 at 2:00 AM EDT

Adrienne Bailon can't get enough of the love motherhood brings! The mama bear continues to share the beautiful moments she experiences as a new mom.

In a recent chat, Bailon revealed how becoming a mother had changed her for the better and made her do extraordinary things she thought were impossible before she had her baby.

It would be recalled that “The Real” star and her husband, Israel Houghton, shocked their friends and the public at large when they announced the birth of their baby boy, Ever James, back in August, whom they welcomed via surrogacy.

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Adrienne Bailon Reveals Motherhood Taught Her How To Be 'Selfless'

Becoming a parent comes with a lot of demanding responsibilities. However, the fulfillment and joy that comes with it, make it all worth it.  

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Adrienne Bailon & husband Israel Houghton with newborn son
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Not exempted from the thrilling feeling is Bailon! Per Hollywood Life, the tv personality revealed during an exclusive interview that the birth of her child awoke a new feeling in her.

She said, “I didn't know that I could love at this capacity. We planned for this for over six years to have a child, and I just had no idea — as much as I thought I love him even before he was born, he got here, and you're just like, ‘wow.’ It’s heart bursting.”

The “Playas Gon’ Play” singer went on to admit that motherhood changes one's perspective on life in general. In her words, “It just makes you look at life differently. It’s changed me in so many ways.” 

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The new feelings she's experiencing prompted her to give more credit to her mum. “It actually makes me appreciate my mom that much more. Because you never realize how much your mother loves you until you become a mother,” she stated.

Bailon also proudly declared her love for her son. “I love my son in an insane way. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for him. I think it definitely makes you selfless.”

She further added that becoming a mum has made her start doing the impossible. Revealing that in the past, she used to be someone who needed a full night's rest to function. But that has changed.

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“I am running on a good three on a daily basis, and I’m doing just fine!” the former “Cheetah Girls” star remarked while laughing at her present dilemma. 

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Bailon And Her Husband Hid Pregnancy Journey From The World

The “Coalition” actress's unending excitement over the birth of her son, Ever James, is completely expected, as the actress/singer has been very transparent and honest about her struggle with infertility.

The pair, after successfully welcoming their newborn baby through the help of a surrogate, announced the wonderful news together on Instagram. The excited parents shared a heartfelt black and white photo of them showing love to their baby as they unveiled him to the public.

The new mom carried her infant son against her chest while Houghton, who must have been over the moon, hugged his family from behind as he intently stared at his little one.

Opening up about their post, they wrote, “Ever James ♾ For this child we have prayed. Just to hear our baby cry. Skin to skin and face to face, Heart to heart and eye to eye”, the touching post began.

The couple continued in an emotional writeup, “Our baby boy is here & we are so in love! If you have followed our love story… you know that our journey to baby has been very challenging – But God is true to His word and His promises.” 

Before finally adding that they kept the pregnancy a secret for a whole nine months! The pair was also grateful to God for making things go smoothly. 

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The “Funny” Singer Loves Morning Cuddles With Infant Son

The 38-year-old steadily updates her fans on the progress and well-being of Ever and also shares sweet moments spent with her boy. At this rate, she might start a reality show!

Earlier this week, the proud mama shared a cute snap on her Instagram story showing Ever napping with her in her bedroom. A heartwarming moment she couldn't get enough of.

The cute baby was tucked into a grey duvet and soundly slept. While Bailon sweetly wrote, “I grabbed him for morning cuddles & then stood up to grab his bottle & all I could see was his hair… so funny I had to stop snap a pic! – @everjames.”  

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