Drew Carey's Ex-Fiance Fought Desperately For Her Life Against Attacker, Autopsy Report Reveals

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By Mike Walters on April 1, 2020 at 7:05 PM EDT

The autopsy report for Drew Carey's fiance reveals she desperately fought for her life against her attacker the night of her death, so much that the struggle left defensive and offensive wounds to her arms, hands, and fingers.

According to the report, obtained by The Blast, an autopsy was conducted several days after Amie Harwick's murder and doctors found extensive wounds to her extremities consistent with a violent altercation.

The report specifically noted "abrasions and contusions" on her shoulders, arm, elbow, and forearm -- including injuries to her hands, fingers, and wrists. Investigators listed the findings as "consistent with a combination of defense and assault-type wounds."

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The Blast

The report details the shocking details of the fateful night leading up to Amie's death, including evidence she was manually strangled before she fell off her balcony onto a patio below causing her death. Specifically, they found "abrasion and contusions on her neck area.

As we reported, Amie's official cause of death was

"blunt force injuries of the head and torso, evidence of manual strangulation."

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The Los Angeles County Corner's report says Amie Harwick "sustained severe injuries of her brain, liver, and pelvis in an apparent fall from a height. Injuries of her neck, particularly strap muscle hemorrhage, are consistent with manual strangulation. Injuries of her extremities, particularly her fingers and hands are consistent with a combination of defense and assault-type wounds, suggestive of an altercation."

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According to a statement, inside the report, given to the coroner's office by an LA Sheriff's deputy -- new details emerged about the time leading up to Amie's death.

The officer claims Amie's "male roommate was awoken by sounds of a female screaming. He was able to tell the screaming was coming from up above his residence and could hear sounds of some type of physical fight; he then realized that it was (Amie) screaming. He began looking for his cellphone in his residence to phone 911, however, was unable to locate it. He was unable to get into the front house and then hopped over a wrought iron fence to get to the front of the house. He then began banging on the neighbor's doors in an effort to get help and to have someone phone 911, however, no one answered their doors."

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The report continues, "The roommate then saw a male walking in the street and borrowed his phone and phoned 911. LAPD units arrived and officers jumped the wrought ion fence and entered the rear yard. By then, the screaming had stopped. Officers and the roommate then found (Amie) lying on the patio beneath her balcony. The roommate advised that she had not been there when he had come from his own residence at the sound of her screams."

Paramedics arrived and transported her to the hospital where she was ultimately pronounced dead.

While investigating the incident, officers found evidence of forced entry to a set of french doors at the front of the house, and also found signs of a struggle inside the bedroom."

As we reported, Amie's ex-boyfriend has been arrested for the murder after investigators believe he attacking the sex therapist and eventually either tossed her or forced her over the balcony.

He is currently being held in custody without bail.

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