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Taylor Swift Reveals Schedule For 'Midnights' Release Week!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 19, 2022 at 8:30 AM EDT

The clock is closer to the stroke of midnight!

Taylor Swift knows her fans have been keeping track of every moment until Friday, October 21st, when her tenth album "Midnights" hits the shelves!

Swift, 32, gifted her fanbase of 'Swifties' the ultimate present on her social media accounts to kick off the album's release week on Monday.

Swifties are likely more than aware that their super stealthy queen of pop has been quite busy rolling out clues pertaining to her first album in two years since announcing the LP in August; the "All Too Well" songstress has kept her devoted fanbase glued to TikTok with her series "Midnights Mayhem With Me."

The Blast has been keeping tabs on the series, revealing the names of the 13 tracks on "Midnights" alongside Swift.

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The series came to a close on October 7th with the revelation of a collaboration with fellow pop princess and Jack Antonoff fave, Lana Del Rey, called "Snow On The Beach," but that doesn't mean the "Midnights" mayhem has ceased!

Read on to find out the lowdown on "Midnights'' 'chaotic' release week!

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Inside Swift's Social Media Mayhem

Late last month, we reported on the beginning of Swift's aforementioned TikTok series, which began with a cryptic announcement from the social network.

According to our report, TikTok's US Twitter account tweeted, "meet us @taylorswift13's TikTok account at midnight ET" along with a clock emoji, on September 20th.

'Swift Tok' exploded over the coming weeks with fans flocking to Swift's TikTok account to watch the singer hang out in a retro-inspired room as she cranked numbered ping pong balls out of a bingo cage, and revealed track titles into a vintage phone receiver.

Swifties were adamant in keeping their metaphorical magnifying glasses close and frequently discussed their theories allegedly hidden in the TikToks, including Swift's frequent move of holding her phones upside down.

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In a tweet about her move, Twitter user @evellemore pondered, "YALL HEAR ME OUT, what if the upside down phones (in the tracklist reveal) are the tracks with music videos? [crying emoji]"

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A Music Video, You Say?

Music videos would soon enter the chat once again in Swift's latest social media post!

On Sunday, October 16th, social media accounts dedicated to Swift lit up with the announcement that there would be not one, but two "Midnights" music videos dropping over the coming weeks.

The news came courtesy of an animated short posted to both Swift's Instagram and TikTok accounts which revolves around a calendar with upcoming dates pertaining to the album!

The post reveals the first music video will premiere on Friday, October 21st at 8AM Eastern time, and will be for the third track, "Anti Hero," which Swift recently called "one of [her] favorite songs [she's] ever written," and divulged would be about her insecurities.

The second music video will be released on October 25th, but Swifties don't officially know which track it will be for.

Twitter fans are theorizing it may be for the track "Vigilante Sh*t," since she had held the phone upside down in the track's TikTok reveal!

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What Other Goodies Can Swifties Expect?

While Swifties are anxiously awaiting the album's release on Thursday night, they will be able to channel their inner-Sporty spice as Swift reveals a surprise for something mysterious during the Thursday night football game broadcast.

According to her latest post, the highly-anticipated event could potentially be the release of "Midnights'' teaser trailer!

There will be no sleep for Swifties after the record drops on Friday morning! At 3AM EST, our favorite unofficial Easter Egg expert reveals "a special very chaotic surprise" will be unleashed! How many more chaotic events can Swifties take?

Well, at 8PM EST on Friday night, fans will be able to learn every single word on the album with the help of lyric videos.

On Monday, October 24th, Ms. Swift will begin the "Midnights'" promotional tour on the talk show circuit with an appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon." Friday, October 28th, will be the day she appears on the BBC's "The Graham Norton Show."

On the remaining days without a notable event, the "Anti-Hero" singer encourages her fans to stream the LP and visit their local record stores so Swifties can spend the rest of their midnights listening the night away with "Midnights'' on CD or vinyl, including Target's exclusive lavender edition of "Midnights!''

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