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JP Morgan Chase Gives Kanye West The Bank Boot After Anti-Semitism Messages

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on October 12, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT

Things aren't looking up for Kanye West following his slew of anti-semitic remarks.

The rapper has been on the receiving end of intense backlash after his hateful remarks on social media, and the latest consequence he has suffered involves a financial institution ending their partnership with his Yeezy Brand.

Ye, as he is formally known, has been restricted from most social media platforms since the incident occurred.

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Morgan Chase Ends Contract With Kanye's Yeezy

Ye’s ally Candace Owens, who has been the only one having his back publicly, broke the news on Twitter, writing, "Earlier today I learned that @kanyewest was officially kicked out of JP Morgan Chase bank. I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank."

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Kanye "Ye" West sighted in Los Angeles
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Alongside the message, Owens shared a screenshot of the bank’s memo with the title "Closing of Our Banking relationship. " An excerpt of the email reads, "JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A (the "Bank") has decided to end its banking relationship with Yeezy LLC and its affiliated entities (collectively, the "Company"). To provide Company with sufficient time to transition to another financial institution, we will continue to maintain the accounts, including all related products and services, until November 21, 2022."

The financial institution advised that Yeezy LLC stop processing Company transactions and using products associated with the accounts five business days before the closure. No specified reason for the closure was revealed in the email.

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Owens expressed her displeasure about Morgan Chase’s new move, writing, "As I gather my thoughts about this, I want to say that I do not care what you think about Ye West— but I very much care what you think about this. We have reached extremely frightening times in this country. Who are what has landed us into these times is an ongoing discussion which I would like to open up."

The conservative political commentator promised to revisit the discussion tomorrow. The news received mixed signals from fans. While some applauded the powerhouse financial institution for taking a stand, other believed it set a dangerous precedent.

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One fan wrote, "People who say this is good don't understand what a dangerous precedent this sets. Tying banking to political beliefs is the beginning of a totalitarian system."

Another comment read, "Hmm, so Kanye West says something negative about Jews owning all the banks and the entertainment industry etc and then all of a sudden, his bank says they don't want to work with him. Yeah, I'm sure that's gonna dissuade him from how he feels about that subject...riigghhtt."

JPMorgan Chase's email to Kanye West
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Ye Was Restricted From Many Social Media Platforms

The shocking move from JPMorgan Chase comes days after the "Praise God" rapper caused a ruckus on Twitter when he shared an anti-Semitic sentiment and supposedly threatened Jews.

The tweet, which has since been removed, read, "I’m a bit sleepy tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda."

Shortly after, Ye, who had just returned to Twitter, was restricted and his account suspended for violating the platform’s policies. Before the controversy on Twitter, the 24-time Grammy Award winner had faced a similar punishment on Instagram.

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As The Blast reported, Ye shared snaps of an alleged chat with fellow rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs and accused him of being under the control of Jews. Diddy had called out Ye, admonishing him to "stop playing these internet games." In response, West said, "This ain’t a game…..Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me."

Shortly after his account was restricted by Meta and the fashion designer took to Twitter to slam Mark Zuckerberg for suspending him.

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