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Jenna Dewan Is 'Striving For Balance' In Sultry Table Top Crawl

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By Kay on October 13, 2022 at 2:30 AM EDT

Jenna Dewan showed off her two very different sides in her latest IG post. There can never be too much leg exposed, right?

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Jenna Dewan Fire Gear To Fishnets

Jenna Dewan Is 'Striving For Balance' In Sultry Table Top Crawl

The actress is stressing that she can do it all, well more like “striving”. Dewan, 41 shared a video of herself going from wearing her The Rookie fireperson costume to wearing fishnet stockings and a wrap-around ballet cover-over.

She captioned the video, “When they say strive for balance…” the sexy video has a camera panning all around the dancer as she lies sprawled on a table touching and rubbing it suggestively.

This is certainly a side of the mom of two that we simply don’t see often. Dewan makes naughty eye contact with the camera but we’re all just looking at her…

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Jenna Dewan’s Outfit Is So, So Risky

Jenna Dewan in a black bikini
Instagram | Jenna Dewan

How can she make standard dance attire look so freaking good! The brunette’s hips and ass are on full display and she poses at the end of the video. The sneaky cameraperson almost gives a view of areas that we assume she isn’t willing to share.

The Superman & Lois guest star made it clear that she wasn't even trying to be sexy, In fact, according to her “it’s nappy time” the table was doubling as a bed for her at the moment but let’s be honest, some of her followers were more interested in listening to the video with the sound off.

Dewan jokingly continues t crawl all over the table hoping to find the right sleep position but as we mentioned, she is on full display, unintentionally.

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Jenna Dewan’s Followers Want More

Jenna Dewan
Jenna Dewan - Instagram

The comments ranged from disbelief, to excitement at seeing  Dewan, this way. “Find a girl that can do both ?,” encouraged a follower. “?? My favorite sexy brat ??” shared another. “So in one sense you put out the fire and in the other, you start the fire , what a quandry.”

Dewan may not have been trying to be sexy but her followers wanted more of this. Sorry, everyone, she is married remember? To lucky duck Steve Kazoo since 2018, but as one of her followers said, “only in my dreams”.

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Jenna Dewan Is On Everyone's Radar

JoJo Siwa2

Recently, dancer Jojo Siwa shared that Dewan was one of the women who made her realize that she was a lesbian. The humerous TikTok trend had the youngster sharing her "awakening" story about Dewan. The actress went on Lip Sync Battle and performed a raunchy rendition of Pony by Ginuwine.

This triggered Siwa who said,“I pretty much watched it every day/ Little me, she didn’t know she was gay.”

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