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Did The Try Guys Rebrand To 'TriGuys' Following Ned Fulmer Firing?

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By MLC on October 10, 2022 at 5:51 PM EDT

The Try Guys are no longer trying to move on from Ned Fulmer’s scandal, simply because they already have gotten over it.

The guys are going full steam ahead.

Following their recently released YouTube video addressing Fulmer’s firing, the guys are back to business.

On Sunday, their official Instagram account shared photos of Keith Habesberger and Zach Kornfeld in action…on Broadway.

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The Try Guys Try Broadway

They captioned the photos, “Let’s try Broadway.”

They were auditioning to be in a real live Broadway musical! The musical in question… “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!”

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Eugene Lee Yang was not pictured in the photo carousel, and from the looks of their YouTube video about it, he wasn’t able to partake in auditioning for “Beetlejuice, The Musical.”

Between Keith and Zach, whoever won the audition role would have a role in the musical.

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Are The Try Guys Rebranding To Be The TriGuys?!?

Oh, and it MUST be mentioned that the last photo in the Instagram bundle features a mic pack that reads, “TriGuys.”

Like “TRI” as in three.

They’re a new group of three guys, so it makes sense if they rebranded to the “TriGuys.”

Many fans were LIVING for the potential new branding.

“The new branding of the triguys I see ?

“Loving the TriGuys,” one person wrote.

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“TriGuys official?” another asked.

“Totally here for the TRIguys!” an excited fan replied.

One caught onto the ‘tri’ aspect of the mic pack and excitedly wrote, “TRI GUYS CAUSE THERES 3 NOWWW.”

Keith, Zach and Eugene have not confirmed nor denied the possibility of rebranding themselves as “The TriGuys.”

The Blast recently reported on their YouTube video titled, “what happened.”

The Try Guys Address Ned Fulmer's Scandal

They revealed that they knew about the cheating situation at least four weeks before it circulated. The video featured the trio talking about what led to their decision to cut ties with Ned.

Zach said, “By now, we’re assuming you’ve seen the Reddit threads and TikToks and tweets and news articles. We want to give you a timeline of what’s transpired and some transparency into our decision-making.”

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Instagram / Ned Fulmer

Keith continued the conversation, revealing that they were made aware of Ned’s romantic behavior with an employee in public by several fans. In response, the management spoke to the employee and confirmed the reports to be true. They also discovered that the affair had been ongoing for quite some time.

Upon confirming the affair, Keith revealed that they were shocked because they had no prior knowledge that such a relationship was going on.

“We just want you to know that we had no idea this was going on,” he said. “All of that information was just as shocking to us as this has been for you this week.”

Yang explained that the management proceeded to contact some lawyers as well as public relations and Human Resources experts to make the proper steps and avoid any unnecessary blowbacks.

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The Try Guys; Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld
Instagram/The Try Guys

The 36-year-old explained, “We were acutely aware of just how contrary this was to the values of the company we’ve built and those of everyone who works here. This is something that we take very seriously, and we refuse to sweep under the rug; that is not who we are, and that is not what we stand for.”

Ned’s dismissal from the company was announced on September 27; however, it was revealed they “signed written consent approving the removal of Ned as manager and employee” on September 16.

He was notably absent from a number of recent videos with “The Try Guys” as well as their social media posts.

For his part, Ned has not said a word on social media since September 27th.

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