Beyoncé's Mom Tina Knowles Underwent Major Surgery, Shows Off New '35-Year-Old Knee' Dancing To DJ D-Nice

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By Ryan Naumann on March 22, 2020 at 8:47 AM EDT

Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles is living her best life after recovering from major surgery and showed off the results while dancing to DJ D-Nice.

Tina shared a video detailing her recent total knee replacement surgery. She says the procedure went down 6 weeks ago and wanted to share her journey.

In the video, Tina looks fabulous in an orange top while talking to her followers. She explained the video is to share her story and to encourage others in the same situation she found herself in.

She explains, “I got one knee replacement 6 years ago and I always joke with people that it has been so wonderful on that knee, after the surgery, saying I got one 35-year-old knee and one 66-year-old knee.”

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Tina revealed, “But guess what, I got two 35-year-old knees. I had a total knee replacement.” She says the surgery went well and “I’ve had some pain, it’s been painful to being with but now I’m experiencing only pain at night and it’s not intense pain.

She said, “I’m going up the stairs and doing my exercises. I got it done robotically, which is great because it cuts the recovery time in half.” Tina then showed off the minimal scar she had from the past surgery and the recent scar from this recent procedure.

Tina showed off her sense of humor saying, “I know my knees look really big, but there not. It’s because I got the camera right here.”

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She advises not to schedule surgery during the Coronavirus outbreak but recommends it for after all this clears. She told everyone, “This too shall pass.”

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Later in the day, Tina showed off her dance moves on the new knee getting down to DJ D-Nice, who threw an epic Instagram live set which saw over 100,000 people tune in.

She shared video writing, “One good knee right now but gotta move? its called jammin in your jammies with @dnice someone commented that we should not be dancing right now ! There is a time to pray, which i have done several times today, a time to be sad , which i have also done today , a time to check on everyone , which i have done today , now a time to enjoy an hour of joy listening to music that brings back fun memories and connecting thru this thoughtful young man @dnice Who has been bringing joy for seven hours straight. “

“Dont let anyone Steal your Joy” ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????❤️❤️”

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