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By TheBlast Staff on March 20, 2020 at 1:20 PM EDT

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Now you either love this woman or you hate her. As of right now a good majority of people do not like her. She lives a really public life and that is fine and dandy, but she has hit two communities hard. Trisha Paytas is once again in the news.

Normally she is pretty public about everything. We will see what she has been up to here as of late. Is she hiding something? We think she is hiding a lover somewhere. Maybe keeping him out of her drama? We will have to see what time tells on that one.

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What is the first set of drama with Trisha? Well at first she came out as a trans man. She went on to want to be called by T as a way to take gender away from her name. However, most people didn't take her seriously. Honestly we really couldn't. Not when this line came from her.

"So do I think I'm transgender? Yes, one thousand percent. Do I identify with my natural born gender? A thousand percent. So I think that's where I'm at and I feel really free and liberated," she stated in her video.

You can't have both things Trisha. That isn't how things work after all. If you are transgender you do not identify with your natural born gender.

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Recently she has taken another scandal into her life. March 12 is when the video dropped on her channel. She is saying she is self-diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder or better known as DID. Now, it is not in us to call her fake. We don't want to call her fake on the off chance that she does have it. The thing is, she spent a large amount of time spreading information that isn't correct.

Perhaps she could have gotten away with thinking this way. But she went a step to far.

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She called a well known Youtuber crazy for having DID. Nin from the channel DissociaDID. Now, Nin has a pretty great following. Nin is the host of the system and has a great channel dedicated to trying to end the stigma against DID. That is what she is about.

Trisha called her crazy and when people called her out she said she could do what she wanted. Sorry, Trisha that isn't what happens. Why are we all pissed off at her? Well here is the thing.

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DID is a trauma disorder. It happens after sever repeated trama in childhood from the ages of 0-9. Do not spread false information like Trisha did. Please.

This is a serious disorder and needs to be taken that way. For anyone that needs information, there is plenty of it out there. For instance, the National Alliance of Mental Health has a whole page dedicated to it.

People with DID are not crazy or dangerous. They are people that have survived a serious amount of trauma. For Trisha to state, this is hurting the community

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