Paris Hilton Hires Pet Detective To Help Find Her Missing Dog

Paris Hilton Says 'Part Of Me Is Gone' As Search For Dog Continues

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 8, 2022 at 10:00 PM EDT

While the search for Paris Hilton's precious pup, Diamond Baby, is still in progress, the heartbroken dog owner recently sent a message to the dognapper.

According to a new video update on a fan's Instagram account, the American media personality expressed her distress about the situation while also solemnly imploring the dognapper to return Diamond to her.

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Paris Hilton Calls Her Dog Her Everything As The Search Continues

Paris Hlton at the 10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA

The video, which showed Hilton dressed in all black with shades on, began with someone in the background telling the 41-year-old to speak directly to the dognapper, leading her to turn to the camera to say:

"Please give me back my baby; she's my everything," before adding, "A part of me is gone; I need her back." 

A background speaker could then be heard saying she was loved and advising her to stay strong and keep her head up as miracles happen all the time. Hilton expressed her hope in the miracle before voicing gratitude towards the gesture and bidding farewell to those surrounding her. The video's caption read,

"#FindDiamondBaby Let's keep sharing Diamond's picture so the person that has DB can return her to @ParisHilton."

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Shortly after the update, the "The Simple Life" star reposted the same reel on her Instagram Story, calling for the attention of the dognapper with the hope that she gets her baby back.

On Wednesday, September 14, when Diamond went missing, Hilton took no time in creating an email for people with any information about her pup to contact.

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In addition, The Blast reported there was a thorough neighborhood search, but to no avail. Nevertheless, she remained hopeful that someone would find the dog and return her for a $10,000 reward. 

The successful businesswoman ensured not to leave any box unchecked when searching for her baby, as she also shared a wanted poster on Instagram about a week after the disappearance.

The red and white flier included a picture of the pet along with her description: black, brown, and white. Her last known location was also added: at the crossroads of Mulhouland Drive and Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills.

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The poster further read, "$10,000 for the safe return or information leading to the safe return of Diamond!" Concluding with: "If you have any information leading to her, please email us. No questions asked. We just want Diamond to come back to our family."

In the caption, Hilton revealed that it had been more than a week since Diamond went missing, causing more heartache for the social media star. While describing the dog search as "one of the most painful experiences of my life," she added, "My heart is broken. I miss her so much and feel like part of me is gone without her next to me." 

There may still be hope for the beloved pet after all, as her owner is leaving no stone unturned in getting her back. Speaking of which, the prominent socialite revealed that six "credible" pet psychics and communicators she has been in contact with informed her that Diamond was still alive.

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Even so, all she wanted was the pup back, safe at home where she belonged. This led her to conclude, "Please email if you know ANYTHING. And please help spread the word by reposting this and telling your friends."

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The "Confessions of an Heiress" Author Endured Traumatic Emotional Abuse As A Teenager

Hilton may be widely known for all that enviable glitz and glamor, but it may also come as a shock that she endured years of mental abuse and emotional suffering as a child.

She disclosed the surprising detail during an appearance on an Australian news show, "The Project," which The Blast reported, including her discussion about working with a family on an Australian Zoo project.

The "This Is Paris" podcaster had her reasons for making such a revelation at the time; she shared, "I couldn't sleep at night knowing that this was still happening, and I knew that I needed to use my voice."

She believed God possibly made her experience such trauma to provide her with the "gift" to save fellow child victims one day.

Hilton, whose teenage abuse experience was detailed in her 2021 documentary, "This Is Paris," continues to heal and help others even though the trauma remains "impossible to forget."

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