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Hilary Swank's Reveals Fascinating Detail About Her Unborn Twins!

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 7, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT

Hilary Swank is sharing more fascinating details about her unborn twins', particularly their momentous due date.

The award-winning actress announced her pregnancy on Wednesday, October 5, for the first time, excitedly expressing her anticipation for motherhood. During a chat on "The Drew Barrymore Show," she revealed a sentimental meaning, connecting the infants' birth to her deceased father, Stephen Michael Swank, who passed away a year ago.

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Hilary Swank's Unborn Twins' Will Be Born On Her Deceased Father's Birthday

Hilary Swank & Philip Schneider at the 2018 American Music Awards

Amid the chat, the host, Drew Barrymore, said, "You just announced that your father has passed away one year ago, and this miracle is happening." The expectant movie icon disclosed that her twins would be born on her late father's birthday, implying that it is no doubt a miracle.

The supposed birth date of the famed producer's unborn kids is certainly surprising, including the fact that she paid homage to her late father a mere four days before announcing her pregnancy to the world. 

In the memorial tribute shared on Instagram, Hilary marked the one-year anniversary of his passing with a mashup video of different moments from his life. She captioned, "I can't believe it's been a year since you've transitioned. You are missed beyond measure and forever in my heart."

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Meanwhile, in another Instagram post showcasing her pregnancy on Wednesday, October 5, the "Freedom Writers" actress debuted her baby bump with the caption, "Coming soon…DOUBLE feature!" alongside two babies emoji.

The update included an adorable video of the soon-to-be mama posing at different angles, emphasizing her baby bump and then pointing at it with a wide grin.

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The breaking news of Hilary's pregnancy came about during her recent appearance on "Good Morning America" to discuss her new show "Alaska Daily." As The Blast reported, the TV show shared the surprise on Twitter, revealing that she and her husband of four years, Philip Schneider, would soon be parents to two babies.

In the video, a part of the interview was shown, beginning with Robin Roberts saying, "We hear that you have something that you'd like to share with us." The "Fatale" actress then replied with the news of her pregnancy which she was glad to share with the show and America. She also mentioned that it was something she had wanted for a "long time." 

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The announcement was met with cheers from the show's hosts, who congratulated and appreciated her telling their viewers first without hearing it from other sources. It is worth knowing that Hilary's pregnancy comes four years after her California marriage to Schneider, whom she dated for nearly two years.

The two were first seen together in November 2016 though they are pretty private about their romance. However, speaking about her wedding for the first time, the reputable actress called it "timeless" as there was no other way she could describe it. 

She also revealed that she was "overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks" to be marrying the man of her dreams in the presence of all the people they loved. It was indeed a dream come true.

The "You're Not You" Producer Memorializes Late Father Months Following His Passing

Several months after the death of her father in October 2021, Hilary honored his memory with a sentimental message on Instagram, marking her passage into the new year of 2022. 

The Blast shared that she tributed him on New Year's Eve using a lovely photo of herself with the late patriarch alongside a note recounting her past year's difficulties upon his demise.

The detailed message revealed that she had been away from her phone and social media to grieve the heartbreaking loss. She also wrote about the closeness they shared when she became his only caretaker following his lung transplant seven years prior.

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According to the Academy Awards winner, she would always miss her dad. However, she mentioned that the saddening loss reawakened her "truest sense of living," helping her better comprehend the circle of life.

It also assisted her in forgiving and forgetting all that held her back daily and, at the same time, always connecting her to her father and the "Ultimate Source."

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