Cindy Crawford's Son Presley Gerber Debuts 2nd Face Tattoo But Is It Real?

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By Jeff Mazzeo on March 17, 2020 at 11:31 AM EDT

Presley Gerber may have doubled down on face tattoos and debuted his second in just two months but is he messing with us?

The 20-year-old son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerger showed off his "new ink" on Tuesday by posting a selfie on Instagram. Presley wore a beanie with his jacket collar popped in the black and white snap. In addition to his "MISUNDERSTOOD" tattoo on his right cheek, a new tat was visible on his left. It appeared to be a faded star with a bold L.A. in the center but it was hard to tell exactly it was in the pic. It looks very similar to the tattoo that the rapper The Game has on his cheek (remember this, it will be important later on).

"Colorblind," Gerber wrote in the caption of his selfie.

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After receiving lots of online bullying and backlash from his first tattoo, Presley wiped his Instagram of all pictures but one. He began posting again a few days ago by sharing a creepy picture of a house and then he hit his fans with the new tatt selfie. He obviously wanted people to see it and, as expected, there were mixed reviews.

"Be you. You’re bautiful [sic] and unique. Shine your light brightly✨All the answers are within?," a supportive fan wrote in the comments section of his post.

"I think it’s cool to have ink on your body, hand, leg but definitely not your face. I guess it might hurt a little in your modeling career," a respectful by disappointed follower said.

Several comments mentioned the model's parents and implied that they wouldn't be pleased.

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"Pauvre(poor) parents ???," a third fan commented, while a fourth said, "

"Mom and dad and sis love you. Never ever forget it. Nothing else matters," one caring fan commented.

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Even though the new tattoo looks pretty real, one specific fan suggested that the pic was nothing more than Gerber having a little fun.

"Guys its a filter.. Y‘all need to chill! And even if it would be a tattoo its still his decision! Thank you @losangelesconfidential?," the fan stated.

It almost makes too much sense that it's a fake, here's some evidence:

In December of 2019, The Game released his own set on Instagram filters that place his tattoos on the user. "The boy got his own IG filter...... CLICK THE LINK in my bio & go braaaazzzzyyyyy !!!! #Born2Rap #GameFace #ProlificRecords," he wrote on Instagram at the time.

After the backlash from his first face tatt, reports from sources close to his family said they wanted Presley to get help. If the reports are true, getting a second huge face tatt would be a slap in the face of his parents.

It would be a pretty big coincidence that he got the same ink as the rapper and we are sure if it is real that The Game would have something to say to Presley for jacking his style.

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Gerber's parents were reportedly "beside themselves" with worry when their son got the first tattoo, according to US Weekly. The family had serious concerns after Presley got the word, "Misunderstood" inked on his right cheek.

“He’s been sent to a rehab-like program in the past,” the source said at the time. “Presley’s hanging out with a group of people who’ve been negatively impacting him.”

It seems like their son may be having a little fun with the public and the press after all the craziness that ensued after the last time. After all, Cindy and Rande will love their son no matter how many tattoos he has.

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