Rapper Future's Alleged Baby Mama Cindy Parker Drops Paternity Suit After DNA Test

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By Ryan Naumann on March 17, 2020 at 8:39 AM EDT


Future’s alleged baby mama Cindy Parker has dismissed her lawsuit against the rapper and all signs point to a settlement.

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Cindy is asking the court to dismiss her entire case against Future. The motion of nonsuit means she no longer wishes to pursue the case in court.

The dismissal is interesting given Future FINALLY responded to the case last month.

Last year, Cindy sued Future accusing him of being the father to her newborn son Legend. She even gave her son Future’s legal last name of Wilburn. She demanded the court order Future is the legal father and award her child support and custody.

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Cindy’s case stalled for months due to her not being able to serve Future with the legal documents. She asked the judge to allow her to serve Future via an alternative method. The judge signed off and Cindy was able to successfully serve Future.

As a result, Future finally filed his answer to the lawsuit on February 28. Only days later, Cindy asked the court to dismiss all claims. The move makes it appear a settlement was reached between the two outside of court.

Cindy was very vocal about the situation with Future amid her paternity battle. At one point she joined forces with another woman named Eliza Reign.

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Eliza is in the middle of her own paternity lawsuit against Future. She accuses him of being the father to her daughter Reign.

Cindy and Eliza had their kids submit to DNA tests and then posted the results. The alleged results showed their kids had a 99.9% probability of being half-siblings.

Cindy rushed to court to file the DNA test result in her paternity battle. At one point, Cindy accused Future of offering her “hush money” to stay silent about the situation. She claimed to have turned down the original offer.

Futue is currently father to 6 kids from 5 women. His current girlfriend, Lori Harvey, has remained by his side amid it all.

Bossip first reported the news of Cindy dropping her case.

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