Lindsay Lohan Sells Personalized Videos for Fans, and She's Not the Only One

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By TheBlast Staff on March 11, 2020 at 12:38 PM EDT

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There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was one of the most popular child-actors in Hollywood, reaching millions of homes through movies such as the cult classic Mean Girls. She appealed to younger and older viewers alike with movies ranger from The Parent Trap to Freaky Friday.

Most recently, viewers could see her on The Masked Singer Australia Season 1 in 2019 and her reality series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. It looks like there's a new place to watch Lohan, and this time she'll be doling out personalized videos.

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Lohan has had a rough time the past few years, reaching headlines for moving to Dubai and back to the US and for throwing shade at Zendaya. It probably hasn't helped that her parents have been stuck in the headlines for negative reasons as well. So, it's easy to see where the actress might develop attitude problems if that was the case.

And, according to Decider, that just might be. They claim the reason Lohan isn't present on Season 2 of The Masked Singer Australia is due to reported "diva behavior." With a source claiming:

"She was tricky with demands and had a complete lack of respect for time schedule."

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Cameo is a platform that allows people to purchase video messages from celebrities. These celebs range from actors to athletes, musicians, influencers, and more. And, of course, Lindsay Lohan.

It looks like Lohan's prices are around $400 for custom video messages, where you can get Lohan to recite some of her famous movie quotes just for you. Besides paying to have the actress reenact Mean Girl scenes, and we know you're going to, she'll also send greetings and well-wishes for anyone with the cash.

Here are her examples on Cameo.

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Lohan is only one of several recognizable names selling personalized messages to fans on Cameo. There doesn't seem to be a set price per request but the fees can range from $7 to $400. Fans pay for vanity requests or surprise their loved ones with Cameo clips as gifts from several celebrities.

The list includes the 80s teen pop star Debbie Gibson, the host of The Bachelor Chris Harrison, NFL legend Brett Favre, the rapper Red Man (also popular from the film How High), and Bethenny Frankel.

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There doesn't seem to be too much lined up for the actress in the near future, but she is set to play in one film coming up, according to IMDB. The film is titled Cursed and is supposed to be a horror film with Lohan playing a detective trying to stop a massacre.

The film is currently in pre-production, and the IMDB synopsis describes it as:

"A prominent psychiatrist at a state run hospital wrestles with madness and a dark supernatural force as he and a female police detective race to stop an escaped patient from butchering five people held hostage in a remote mansion."

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