A photo showing Emily Ratajkowski in a white dress holding a glass of champagne

Emily Ratajkowski's Buns On Display In Highlighter Pants

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By Kay on September 28, 2022 at 11:30 PM EDT

Em Rata is really living it up in Mallorca. The newly single model is steadily posting sexy shots and this one is focused on her ASSets!

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Emily Ratajkowski Is In Mallorca

The model is sharing sexy snaps on her timeline and on her IG Story. This time we got an evening shot from the mom of one. She is leaning on her b

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//Em Rata highlighter pants
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski
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alcony on a bikini bra and a pair of neon orange track pants.

She accessorized the look with a furry crochet bucket hat. Mallorca is providing a beautiful backdrop for Em to pose in front of, even if it’s mostly her ass on display. She is surrounded by beautiful flowers and the sun is setting so it looks like a fire in the sky!

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Emily Ratajkowski Side Boob Game Is Crazy

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her tan lines
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

The mom of one was seen in an airport hopping a flight to the beautiful vacation spot and since she has gotten there, her side boob game is envious. The bikini’s that the model is wearing seriously look like they were tailor made for her body (maybe they were)?

She subtly shows off her side boob by holding her arm up to cover her face. More importantly, she is really trying to show off those pants. The neon orange is enough but the strategically placed blue and white strips take the cake(s), literally.

The strips run along her legs and top of her butt perfectly, how is it even possible.

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Emily Ratajkowski Is Looking For A New Man

Emily Ratajkowski
Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

The NY Times best-selling author is on vacation but her love life is tabloid fodder. Lately, she has been attached to Brad Pitt after leaving a shady relationship with her estranged producer husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Sources claim that while the two are not serious at this point, they are absolutely enjoying their time together. “Brad and Emily have spent time together, but it’s very casual. They’re friends,” claimed a source for ET.

Apparently back when Em Rata was still with McClard, she and Pitt hit it off but couldn’t act on it for obvious reasons. Now, they are both going through divorces so there is even more in common. “Emily recently filed for divorce and Brad is still going through his situation with Angelina [Jolie] so neither are looking for anything serious right now.”

For Now, Em Rata Will Post Sexy Pics

Emily Ratajkowski looks incredible in this photo of her at the beach during sunset.
Instagram | Emily Ratajkowski

The newly single mom of one is focused on enjoying her new life back in the dating pool. She is enticing the masses with continuous sexy shots of herself on the beach, modeling, and enjoying downtown. She is just oozing IDGAF attitude during her trying time!

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