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By TheBlast Staff on March 7, 2020 at 3:18 PM EST

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In a thread regarding celebrities fans might not know are related, Daily Blast Live blasted fans' minds with an alleged revelation that controversial Republican politician Sarah Palin and actress Halle Berry are distantly related.

Although admitting the connection was "unclear," Daily Blast Live's tweet provoked quite a reaction on social media, including from Halle herself, who was not thrilled. "She may be on the tree but she 'AINT invited to the cookout," Halle tweeted, after retweeting the Daily Blast Live tweet.

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Halle throwing shade enticed many to join her. "Don't mind me," one fan tweeted in response. "I'm just sitting in the shade of this glorious shade tree." Even LeBron James got in on the fun, with seven laughing emojis conveying his amused response to Halle's tweet.

"When that call comes from Sarah Palin, she is immediately putting that on the BLOCK list," another fan added. "Definitely a Becky who would put raisins in the potato salad," another fan added, using a controversial—some say derogatory—slang term for white women to describe the former Alaskan governor.

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Some fans saw the resemblance, difference in skin tone notwithstanding. "This pic shows that they resemble more than any other pic, around the eyes, nose & cheekbones," one fan commented. "Accepting or denying, u still share the same great grandparent X times over."

Sarah Palin has drawn criticism in the past for remarks that some have considered to be racist, such as calling Black Lives Matter activists "dogs." "LIberals [sic] slap that racist label on me – and any other conservative – simply to stop debate on any issue," Palin has countered. "What a tactic! It immediately puts you on the defensive."

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Halle Berry, on the other hand, has fought for diversity in Hollywood casting, accusing Hollywood of being racist towards black talent, and blasted her ex, Gabriel Aubry, for racist and abusive behavior as well. According to Halle, Gabriel made racial slurs against his and Halle's daughter, Nahla, and refused to recognize her as bi-racial.

When it comes to spousal difficulties, however, Halle and Sarah might share something more than just genes, with Sarah Palin currently grappling with divorce from her husband, Todd, amid troubles also facing her children.

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Daily Blast Live's Twitter thread revealed more relations than just Palin and Berry, revealing Senator Chuck Schumer was the second cousin of comedian Amy Schumer, Bernie Sanders and lookalike Larry David are third cousins, Denis Leary is related to Conan O'Brien, Colin Powell is related to Kerry Washington, and Hillary Clinton is related to Madonna!

So far, the Berry-Palin relation has certainly provoked the greatest reaction on social media, with Halle—who backed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 election—being the polar opposite of the controversial Republican in most fans' eyes.

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