Lyme Disease Has Affected Shania Twain's Body in Countless Ways

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By TheBlast Staff on March 6, 2020 at 12:17 PM EST

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In 2003, after a divorce, Twain began to battle Lyme disease. The battle has been long and painful, and it's changed her body in multiple ways.

If you're one of the fans worried about Shania's weight gain, know that her weight is the least of her concerns.

Lyme disease is a chronic illness, which is transmitted through ticks. It affects the body in many ways. For Shania, a debilitating side effect of the disease was losing her voice in 2003. According to People, she underwent throat surgery in 2015 to reverse the side effects, but truly thought she would never sing again.

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According to Extra, some of the damage is permanent and it will get worse as time wears on. In 2017 she was able to return to the stage in Las Vegas.

Her voice has changed, and she told Willie Geist on The TODAY, "I'm never gonna have my old voice again, and that's just the way it is — I'm OK with that. I found a new voice and I like it."

Needless to say, she's doing a lot better now, and she is back to singing.

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In 2019, at a red carpet outing, fans noticed Shania's weight gain. Remember, folks, she took a 16-year hiatus, so her comeback at the American Music Awards should have been something to be excited about.

Many fans, however, took to Twitter to comment on her weight, according to Fabiosa, without knowing she suffered from Lyme disease and has had extremely invasive procedures done to counteract the Lyme disease side effects, which are a life-long issue for her.

She's living with something that sucked the joy from her passions. Maybe her weight is the least of her problems.

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But, also, what were they expecting? She's 54 years old.

Regardless, the Canadian singer has enjoyed being in the spotlight once more, and she's been super positive about her chronic illness, handling it how she can. When illness takes a toll on your passions it can be hard to get back out there, but if Twain can do it, so can anyone else.

Hopefully Twain will continue to be public about the issues that Lyme disease cause for her, as she isn't the only celeb. to open up about having it.

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Shania Twain has residency in Las Vegas, USA until the end of 2020, and she's working on her second major film role. According to San Diego Entertain she is set to star in I Still Believe, playing the role of Terry Camp, who is the mother of a Christian singer-songwriter, named Jeremy Camp. Her role recounts her son's life and career.

The film premieres in March 2020.

Shania might have some bodily changes, and other things from Lyme, but she's facing her battles against the disease like a champ, and she should be an inspiration.

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