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Emily Ratajkowski Weighs In On Cheating Husbands And Their Mistresses

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By MLC on September 21, 2022 at 4:00 PM EDT

Emily Ratajkowksi is doing her best not to go “the f**k off.”

In light of Adam Levine’s recent cheating scandal and rumored affair with an Instagram model, TikTok has weighed in on the issue.

One person’s video in particular caught the attention of EmRata.

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Emily Weighs In On Adam Levine's Recent Cheating Scandal

Emily Ratajkowski at the 2022 Harper's Bazaar ICONS

She recently filed for divorce from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, following three years of marriage.

They split in July following murmurings of infidelity on Sebastian’s part.

A source disclosed at the time that the film producer is “a serial cheater,” adding, “It’s gross. He’s a dog.” Another insider noted that it was Ratajkowski’s decision to end things with the 41-year-old. “She is doing okay. She is strong and focused on her son. She loves being a mom,” the source noted.

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She Filed For Divorce Due To Alleged Infidelity

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard at the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards

On Tuesday, September 20, EmRata responded to a video originally posted by TikTok user @sarasadmomfoster.

In the stitched TikTok, @sarasadmomfoster bashes women who cheat with married men.

“We don’t feel sorry for you. You knew this man was married, and you participated” she said.

Written on top of her video was, “Dear men who cheat: you suck. Dear women who cheat with married men: You suck too.”

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The model started off her response, “I’m gonna try to not go the f**k off  right now. I just couldn’t disagree more. I don’t understand why we continue to blame women for men’s mistakes, especially when you’re talking about twenty-something-year-old women who are dealing with men in positions of power, who are twice their age. The power dynamic is so skewed it’s ridiculous.”

She explained these types of actions are predatory and manipulative.

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Emily Doesn't Agree The Blame Should Be Cast On The 'Other Woman'

“I just don’t agree. Also, if you’re the one in a relationship, you’re the one who is obligated to be loyal. So, the whole ‘other woman’ they’re to blame… that’s bad and that’s literally designed to keep women apart,” she continued.

The amount of time for the video was up, and EmRata made a second video about the topic.

Emily Ratajkowski at Coin Geek Cocktail Party
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“This is basically part two. I think a huge problem in our culture right now is that we say, ‘Oh, men are monsters, they’re terrible.’ We don’t hold them accountable and then we blame other women and we ask women to adjust their behavior instead of saying, ‘men need to change their behavior,” Ratajkowski explained. “It’s sexism. It’s classic misogyny. Period.”

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Her fans pretty split in the middle with their thoughts on the matter.

“100% agree, both are to blame but the majority of the blame should fall on the MAN he took vows and he broke them and he should be held accountable,” one fan agreed.

“I see what you’re saying but I’m younger than the girl in question and i know how immoral and wrong it is to get with someone in a relationship,” someone wrote in disagreement.

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Another fan in agreement with EmRata replied, “You are so right! Why are we putting the blame on a woman that was being CHASED by a MARRIED MAN. He is the one who put his wife and family in this +”

“She didn’t say it was just the girl’s fault though? A woman in her 20s knows better than to mess with a married man and not blame it on “manipulation,” another commented.

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