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Taylor Swift Rocks The Vote By Encouraging Fans To Vote In Midterm Election

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By Taylor Hodgkins on September 21, 2022 at 1:30 PM EDT

Two big events are looming over the cultural landscape these days. Not only will Taylor Swiftrelease her upcoming album "Midnights" on October 21st, but the United States midterm elections will soon follow in November!

When components of the major events of news come together, there's no doubt a difference will be made!

Swift, 32, who has a history of incorporating politics into her career, raised awareness about the midterm elections this morning by posting a message on her Instagram story. Swift's post pertaining to the elections on November 8th includes a reference to "Midnights" and more information relating to voting statistics.

Read on for more information about the post!

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Swift Has A 'Reputation' For Political Involvement

Taylor Swift wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry arrives at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

Swift's reminder for the midterm election on her Instagram story is hardly her first political-related post nor is it the first time she has spoken out about political matters.

Over the last half-decade society-at-large has shifted greatly for various reasons including but not limited to a global pandemic and the rise of many partisan-fueled political related decisions being made for the general public, particularly in the United States, which affect women and minority groups at large.

In the late 2010s Swift began speaking out about certain political situations for the first time. Multiple of those situations had a global impact, which would result in more of her 'swiftie' fanbase hearing and getting a chance to relate or benefit from her words.

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According to a piece from Billboard, one of the first instances of Swift speaking out politically had to do with the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people had been killed at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's day.

On March 23rd, Swift revealed on Instagram she had made a donation to March For Our Lives, which had been organized and supported by students in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

She wrote, "I've made a donation to show my support for the students, for the March For Our Lives campaign, for everyone affected by these tragedies, and to support gun reform.

Swift would later begin publicly endorsing candidates for the year's midterm elections in the state of Tennessee, which she also wrote about at length in an Instagram post (via Billboard).

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In said post, Swift spoke out against the actions of now-senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, writing, "...I cannot support Marsha Blarkburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me," and went on to list several human-rights instances Blackburn had voted against prior to Swift's post.

The 2020 Netflix documentary about Swift, "Miss. Americana" features multiple instances of Swift discussing and reacting to political situations, including a heated discussion with her father about potentially alienating certain members of her fanbase if she chose to speak out publicly about politics.

She was also warned about potentially being at the receiving end of then-President Donald Trump's ire, to which she replied, "I don't care."

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Swift Encourages Her Fans To Vote In The 2022 Midterm Elections

Taylor Swift midterm elections

One thing Swift DOES care about, however, is keeping her fanbase in the loop about important voting-related dates.

This morning she shared an Instagram story featuring a link for fans to find more information related to registering to vote!

Her post reveals that "8.3 million people are newly eligible to vote since the last general election and 1 in 4 eligible voters aren't registered to vote."

Swift also writes "There are only 49 midnights left until the 2022 United States Midterm elections on November 8th."

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