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JoJo Siwa Rubs New Relationship Happiness In Ex-GF Kylie Prew's Face

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By MLC on September 20, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT


Okay, maybe love is a stretch, but the girl cannot stop telling her millions of followers how happy she is.

The 19-year-old recently announced she’s in a new relationship with Avery Cyrus.

Cyrus shared photos to Instagram of a recent date night they had at the legendary Troubadour nightclub.

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JoJo Siwa Is SO Happy In New Relationship!

The photos speak for themselves. Cyrus captioned the pics with a series of mystical emojis including a unicorn, rainbow, twinkling stars and a pink starry heart.

Siwa was decked out in a Gucci rainbow shirt, black spandex shorts and rainbow-colored thigh-high boots.

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JoJo Rubs Her Happiness In Everyone's Face

Cyrus wore a Gucci shirt with rainbow stars coming out of the logo. The couple looked into each other’s eyes with big smiles spread across their faces.

Siwa shared her girlfriend’s photos to her Instagram Story on Sunday.

“WANNA SEE HAPPINESS??!” she wrote over a black screen.

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Instagram / JoJo Siwa
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Siwa shared a photo of herself nuzzled in Cyrus’ neck.

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Instagram / JoJo Siwa

The triple threat’s newfound happiness comes after an on-off relationship with Kylie Prew.

Siwa’s relationship with Prew was her first relationship after coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

The couple met on a cruise ship in 2019 and began dating long distance. They went public with their relationship in January 2021.

On February 8, she wrote, “After being my best friend for over a year, January 8th 2021 I got to start calling this exceptional human my Girlfriend... and Since then I’ve been the happiest I have ever been! She seriously is the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective, and just the most beautiful perfect person in the world. And I get to call her mine! Happy one month to my girl! I love you more and more everyday!❤️”

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This Is JoJo's First Relationship Since Kylie Prew

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They called it quits in October 2021. Siwa and Prew gave love another chance (publicly) in May after the YouTuber revealed “we’re not single” in a March podcast appearance.

During an appearance on Rachel Ballinger’s podcast, “Rachel Uncensored,” Jojo said, “We’re not single.”

She continued to explain her usage of “we’re.”

“I say ‘we’re’ because it’s me and my multiple personalities within myself. I am not single, and I don’t want to mingle. No, I’m a loyal lady,” she explained.

Jojo was going to let people know she was off the market by replacing her Instagram bio with a lock emoji, but decided against it.

Since breaking off her first public and first queer relationship, Jojo explained that she had been dating around before deciding to “settle down” again.

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“Listen, I went around the block. I tried a lot, and I learned a lot, and I’m very, very, very happy where I am now,” she shared.

By June fans noticed Prew was no longer featured on Siwa’s social media accounts.

During an August Instagram Live, Prew addressed the breakup rumors.

“I’m obviously aware of everything that’s happening on TikTok right now, and all the drama and all the tea,” she started off. “I don’t like drama and it makes me really, really anxious and so I don’t want to talk about it for a while, but, um, someone asked me just now if I was single [and] I am,”

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She continued to explain, “I’ve been single for almost two months and it’s OK. It’s not deep, I promise. Everything’s fine. Not everything has to be messy and gross because it’s not, and I just want to clear the air.”

Prew reassured fans “we’re both safe and happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. And there doesn’t need to be drama, because that gives everyone unwanted anxiety.”

Siwa’s ex even admitted that she has a TikTok crush.

“She’s one of the thirty people I follow. But it’s not weird like that,” Prew said.

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