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Andy Cohen's 3-Year-Old Son Said Cher Reminds Him Of THIS 'Frozen' Character

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By Melanie VanDerveer on September 20, 2022 at 5:15 PM EDT

Andy Cohen bonded with his 3-year-old son Benjamin Allen while introducing him to some of Cher's music. The "Watch What Happens Live" host shared his son's reactions to hearing the popular singer's music by asking him on camera what he thought of her and who she reminds him of. His adorable answers might not have been expected. Cohen, 54, posted the sweet video on Instagram captioned, "Never too early to learn about @cher."

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Cohen Asked His Son Who Cher Looks Like

First Ben said, "she was a singer," and then added, "she was singing too loud for me." Cohen asked, "She was singing too loud for you?" sounding a bit surprised over that response. "You loved it," he reminded him. He then asked his little boy who Cher reminds him of and refreshed his memory by saying, "She reminded you of Elsa, right? Because they're both good singers, right?," referencing the character Elsa in Disney's "Frozen." Cohen then explained that the music wasn't too loud and Ben loved it.

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The two adorably argued a bit more. Cohen said, "It was Cher," while Ben argued, "No, it was Elsa." Then he changed his answer to Anna, another "Frozen" character, and his dad set the record straight by saying, "It was Cher and there's going to be a lot of Cher in your life, do you know that? Lots of Cher to come. And sharing is good too," he ended the video.

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The Plot Twist!

But then a big plot twist happened when the two watched Cher again. Cohen posted that sweet interaction on his Instagram Story. Ben said, "I want to watch that again, what I just watched." And when Cohen asked who she looks like again, this time Ben's answer was "She looks like Olaf the Snowman." Despite Cohen saying "she's so pretty," Ben insisted she looks like Olaf the Snowman.

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Andy Cohen and son Ben
Andy Cohen - Instagram

Cohen meant it when he told his little boy, "There's going to be a lot of Cher in your life," because he's a huge fan. In May, the Bravo host posted a video of Cher performing captioned, "Cher x Hall & Oates is all I needed this morning! (From @teiganish) seeing this live at Caesar’s in Vegas would’ve been magical."

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Comparing Parenting Notes With Pal Anderson Cooper

Cohen is also dad to daughter Lucy Eve, 4 months. He often shares photos and videos of his two little ones on his Instagram page, showing their adorable personalities. Earlier this month, Cohen shared a video of him and the kids walking with Anderson Cooper and his kids and comparing parenting notes. Cooper is dad to sons Wyatt, 2, and Sebastian Luke, 6 months.

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Cohen Said He "Doesn't Feel Heard" But His Followers Hear Him Loud And Clear

"So Anderson, I'm dealing with major mood swings and irrational temper tantrums. What are you dealing with these days?" Cohen asked his friend. "I don't know. My kids are pretty great," Cooper responded with a smirk. Cohen captioned his video, "I DON’T feel heard!" and viewers jumped into the comments to make sure he knows he's not alone.

"Don’t worry Andy, his time will come!!!?"

"You are NOT alone! Bc this 3 yo of mine…wheeeew Chile. Anderson’s time will come ?"

"I hear you. It gets worse #puberty ?"

"I’ve always identified with Andy but I’ve never felt more heard!!!!!!!! THERES ALWAYS A WRINKLE - #irrationaltempertantrum"

"You’re not alone Andy, we’ve all been there ??❤️ this too shall pass..."

"I def thought you were talking about your own moods ????"

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Andy Cohen's kids
Andy Cohen - Instagram

The Parenting Struggles Are Real...And Relatable

Just one day prior to posting the video with fellow dad Cooper, Cohen posted a video of his son's meltdown on their car ride home from vacation. So many commenters could relate to the parenting struggle, and others had some comical takes on the situation.

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"This is why you manage the housewives so well"

"Lmao, Daddy Andy… The housewives couldn’t even prepare you for parenting ??"

"That’s the greatest ?? I love ❤️ it ????? but it’s fine he was joking ?"

"Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said ?"

"Please continue posting these. They are pure gold and remind me how grateful I am that my kids are teenagers"

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