Has Katie Holmes Dated Anybody After Split With Jamie Foxx?

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By TheBlast Staff on February 23, 2020 at 11:03 AM EST

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41-year-old Katie Holmes is among the Hollywood beauties that fans admire. She has an incredible style that sees her hit the headlines frequently, although everything is currently unclear about what's going on with her love life.

She recently called it quits with Jamie Foxx, her long-time boyfriend, with speculations indicating the two split following her attempt to take advantage of Jamie’s network in the acting industry. Katie was on Friday morning, spotted in a cab, arriving at a spa in Soho.

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Although Holmes and Foxx are alleged to have been dating for six years, none of them ever came out clear about their relationship, and their representatives had seemingly been instructed not to. It was as early as 2013 when the two were spotted in the Hamptons while enjoying a dance session.

Five years on in 2018, the two were still hanging out together on a Yacht trip, each with a kid. Their last captured moment was at the Met Gala in May 2019.

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Although Foxx and Holmes had not come out clear about their relationship, it was evident, and the two had even begun appearing together in public. However, it is notable that the news about the two parting ways came just three days after the actor was spotted with Sela.

Sela is both a songwriter and a singer and a model. People however, dismissed any speculations about Foxx and the singer, arguing that she is just a young singer that Foxx is helping out.

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Katie has since her split remained low key, although she was once spotted with an unidentified man in September 2019, during the Milan Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Foxx and Sela have been seen a couple of times, including while enjoying a Yacht ride together over the New Year.

He, however, took to Instagram to state that Sela was a young girl he was trying to help out in her career. Foxx allegedly signed Sela to his music label. A flossing Foxx added that everyone goes to his crib regardless of who they are.

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The August event where Foxx and Sela were seen holding hands had seemingly failed to get off people’s minds and the rumors of their dating went on to spread. However, they both may have been honest about their claims, as the young artist also came out to defend herself.

In her Instagram post, Sela addressed the people who cared and gave them her version of the story, which she termed the truth. She seemed to care less about the people labeling her a home wreck, whore, and gold digger, clarifying that she was only out there to work and do what she loves, music.

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