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'RHOP' Season 7 Trailer Is Here! We Highlighted What You Don't Want To Miss This Season

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By Kay on September 7, 2022 at 1:00 AM EDT

A number of the housewives' shows are airing their reunions currently and while it’s sad to see them go, there are more seasons on their heels waiting to premiere. Real Housewives of Potomacis one of them. The spicy trailer dropped this week and we have the highlights and juicy details behind them.

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Ashley Darby Is Buying A Home

ashley darby smiling on IG live
Instagram/Ashley Darby

Yes, that’s right Ashley Darby is now a single mother of two and buying a home… with her ex-husband Micheal Darby. At the end of season 6, fans learned that Darby was finally through with her husband and his antics.

From seasons one to it never stopped, the Australian native was accused of fondling production staff, indirectly hitting on some of the cast member’s husbands, and overall disrespecting Ashley. While she insisted her leaving Micheal has nothing to do with the rumors, that is extremely hard for anyone to believe.

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The trailer shows her co-stars Giselle Bryant and Karen Huger being shocked that Ashley is backtracking and even accusing her of possibly trying to get back with him. However, it looks like Micheal has other plans as the trailer reveals at some point he shuts her out and she has to pay her own bills.

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Robyn Dixon Wants A Prenup

Robyn and Juan Dixon selfie
Instagram/Robyn Dixon

After it took six seasons to convince her ex-husband Juan Dixon to marry her again, Robyn might be messing it up by asking him for a prenup. Now, we only get a taste of what’s to come in the trailer but asking for a prenup seems weird for their situation.

The Dixon’s were married, then divorced, they never moved out because at the time they couldn’t afford to live separately and they have two boys who need mom and dad around 24/7. This has prompted the couple to give it another go around but Juan seems really hurt about his soon-to-be wife asking for a prenup when they are both in the same financial situation.

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Chris Bassette Is A ‘Sneaky Link’

Candiace Dillard fixing her hair and smirking
Instagram/Candiace Dillard

Every season since starting in season 3, Candiace Dillard has brought the drama. This season seems to be no different except her husband Chris Bassett is in the mix now. Behind the scenes, rumors had swirled that he was a little bit of a flirt.

Now, those rumors are making their way onto camera and Dillard is ready to ruin the friendships behind it. In the trailer, she is seen getting into a heated discussion with Bryant after the green-eyed bandit claims that Bassett made her feel really uncomfortable one night.

Even going as far as to call him a “sneaky link” and claiming that “he was seeing if I was about it”. There are insinuations from other cast members as well pointing towards the same thing.

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Darby also claims in the trailer that at “2:40 in the morning I get this DM from Chris” prompting a flurry of scenes with cast members asking what the newlywed is up to. Meanwhile, Dillard has babies on the brain “I’m waiting on my period” she claims to Bassett who looks like he isn’t interested in being responsible for another kid (he has two that he shares joint custody with and allegedly another one who is older and not around much.)

More Cheating Rumors About Karen Huger

karen huger taking a selfie
Instagram/Karen Huger

The trailer opens with the grand dame Karen allegedly having a side dude. “In our marriage, you said that I could have eye candy,” she claims to her shocked husband Ray Huger.

This prompts a montage of the girls discussing rumors they heard about Huger and her marriage.

“Karen was sneaking out of town with someone that wasn’t Ray,” claimed Dillard to a shocked Darby (guess these two are friends this season?)

The new season looks like exactly what we need after a very rough and serious RHOBH. Take a look for yourself

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