'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Accused of Drug Use, Verbal Abuse By Baby Mama

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By Gary Trock on February 18, 2020 at 6:28 PM EST

@bearbrownthekingofextreme / Instagram

"Alaskan Bush People" star Bear Brown has been hit with a domestic violence protective order by his ex-fiancee and soon-to-be baby mama, and the allegations made against the reality star are shocking. According to documents filed by Raiven Adams in Alaska, and obtained by The Blast, she accuses Bear Brown, aka Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown, of engaging in a pattern of verbal abuse that allegedly including intimidating her with his gun.

Raiven also claims Bear confided to her that he has been abusing drugs, and then allegedly made threats of retaliation if she were to ever go public with the information.

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The Blast

According to Raiven's handwritten declaration, she claims that in August 2019 she moved to Loomis, Washington to be with the "Alaskan Bush People" star:

"Shortly after dating Solomon I realized his behavior was abusive ... While dating I would bring up his eratic [sic] behavior."

Raiven claims the behavior she witnessed included Bear yelling, slamming things and allegedly preventing her from leaving rooms.

She also claims that Bear confided in her that his "behavior" was due to cocaine use, and that when she expressed "concerns" about his drug use, "he would threaten to kick me out."

Raiven accuses Bear of being verbally abusive, and punish her by withholding "food" and "money."

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The Brown family has been known to have an admiration for firearms, as guns are a necessity while living off the grid in the harsh wilderness, and Bear especially loves to go out shooting and show off his guns. However, Raiven says Bear has also been brandishing the weapon around her in an intimidating manner, and she's worried what the reality star may do if pushed too far.

Raiven checked a box in her protective order that asked if a "weapon" was involved, and she claims "He would use it as an intimidation / tell me gun laws don't apply to him."

She also mentions in her declaration that Bear "pulls out his gun/goes to shoot when he is agitated."

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Raiven Adams / Instagram

Raiven, who is days away from giving birth to Bear's son, claims that things got worse when she learned she was pregnant. She accuses Bear of becoming extremely controlling, and that she would face verbal abuse and punishment if "I didn't do as he said."

She also claims Bear threatened to "try to take our son from me," if she left him.

Even more shocking, Raiven writes alleges that Bear may have intentionally caused a propane leak while she was sleeping ... and the implications are truly terrifying.

"I fell asleep on two occasions shorty [sic] before seperating [sic] permanently. Both times I woke up to propane left on in our trailer. When I expressed my concerns he laughed as if was a joke."

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@alaskanbushppl / Instagram

Along with protection for herself, Raiven put in a special request for the baby, who is due to arrive in April.

Raiven writes that, "Our child due in April will need protection from violent behavior / source of control / putting the baby in harms way."

She has also asked that Bear enroll in a "Program for the rehabilitation of batterers" and "Treatment for substance abuse."

The protective order was granted for 20 days, and is set to expire on March 1. Raiven and Bear are scheduled to appear in court later this month where she will no doubt argue for longterm protection.

Bear Brown has not yet commented on the allegations.

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