Kristen Bell Has A Way Higher Net Worth than Husband Dax Shepard, and He's Okay With That

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By TheBlast Staff on February 17, 2020 at 10:40 AM EST

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Best known for her work on The Good Place, Veronica Mars, and Frozen, Kristen Bell is a household name. Her husband Dax Shepard? Not so much.

The 45 year old actor is definitely successful in his own right, and has had many comedic roles these past few years including the ABC sitcom Bless This Mess, but he doesn't come close to the same level of fame as his well-known wife.

Fortunately, the difference in Net Worth isn't a point of contention in the couple's marriage.

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Dax Shepard has talked openly on his podcast, Armchair Expert, about the struggle of growing up in a poor family. His feelings on the subject suggest that he's happy to have the financial security, no matter where that financial security comes from.

Kristen Bell has no reason to feel weird about the disparity either, as she has always been an advocate for women's rights and has spoken before about how important it is that she and Shepard's daughters feel empowered as women.

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Despite the difference, Shepard's net worth isn't so bad either. He's estimated to be worth about $12 million dollars, only about $8 million shy of his wife's. Shepard's money mostly comes from his acting roles, starting as far back as his appearances on the prank show Punk'd in 2002, but can also be attributed to his role as host on his podcast Armchair Expert, and his recent foray into writing and directing with his cop comedy CHIPS in 2017.

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In addition to their individual exploits, Bell and Shepard also have a few joint endeavors, most notably their line of plant-based baby products named 'Hello Bello.'

The couple, who have been open in the past about their life as working parents, wanted to offer an environmentally friendly option for new parents that didn't break the bank.

"We carefully craft all of our products with babies, parents, and the planet in mind," the Hello Bello website boasts, "and keep everything at low prices, made possible by partnering with Walmart."

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Although The Good Place has sadly come to an end, you can continue to watch Kristen Bell do her thing in the recently announced Gossip Girl reboot and the upcoming women-led comedy Queenpins. She will also be lending her voice to the upcoming children's animation Do, Re, & Mi, which is certainly a complimentary career choice to her and Shepard's new baby care line.

Meanwhile, you can watch Dax Shepard on his previously mentioned comedy show Bless This Mess in addition to the Netflix show The Ranch.

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