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'Stranger Things' Actor Noah Schnapp Revealed Producers Were Unhappy About His Voice Changing Due To Puberty

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By Favour Adegoke on August 25, 2022 at 11:00 PM EDT

Actor Noah Schnapp recently opened up on some behind-the-scenes moments from "Stranger Things." He opened up about having to do some things on the show that he wasn't comfortable with, such as changing his voice.

During a recent interview, Schnapp revealed that one of the show's directors asked him to change his voice for a season. When asked why he had to do that, the director stated that he had grown too much. While fans were proud of the characters' progress, the directors weren't very happy about it.

Because of how much the actor had grown, he sounded different from the season one version of his Will Byers character. The director then asked him to imitate the voice of the then seventh grader. The production team had similar issues with the other main characters.

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The Kids Hit Puberty

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Premiere

In his interview with Flaunt(via NYP), Schnapp explained that he and the other main characters, including Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, and Finn Wolfhard, were finally hitting puberty. He said, "It was the peak time of change, and puberty and growing up and just everything was changing with all of us."

"And the directors were just not loving it," he continued. He then recalled "one of the producers" walking up to him to ask if there was "'any way he could just speak in a higher tone,'" and maybe "'slouch a little bit?'" "'Like, we need you to keep that Season 1 innocence that you had,'" he said, quoting the producer.

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It was difficult for the characters to act like younger versions of themselves while they were approaching adulthood in real life. In the first season, which premiered in 2016, the age range of the main cast was from 12 to 14 years old. While there was a noticeable difference in their appearance in the subsequent seasons, there wasn't much they could have done about it.

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Noah Schnapp Didn't Want To Change His Voice

Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in "Stranger Things"
Instagram/Stranger Things Netflix

Schnapp successfully played the 14 to 15 years old character in the fourth "Stranger Things" season while pushing 18 in real life. He also got compliments from fans who were surprised by his growth and a deeper voice. However, they noted that Will's signature bowl cut reminded them of his sweet innocent self from season 1.

In response to the producer's request to alter his voice, he recalled that he said, "'I don't know what to tell you." He also recalled saying, "My voice is dropping. I don't sound young anymore,'" and asked the producer to let him be himself.

He also revealed that he was proud of growing up and the person he was becoming. While the other stars of the tv series would usually cringe at their throwbacks, he loved seeing himself evolve from childhood to adulthood on the show.

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Noah Schnapp Likes Watching Himself On 'Stranger Things'

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Schnapp is the youngest main character on "Stranger Things" as he'll be turning 18 on October 3rd. However, this didn't stop him from cherishing how much he had grown since the very first episode. He loves watching himself on screen and seeing how far he has come.

When asked how it felt, he said, "It's just crazy because I get to watch myself and this character grow up onscreen. Now I'll be able to always have this archive of me as a 10-year-old actor. And me now, and I'll be able to show that to my kids, and it's just crazy that that'll live there forever."

What Is Noah Schnapp Currently Up To?

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The star is preparing for adulthood as he'll be spending the fall at the University of Pennsylvania. However, he recently got into some social media drama with rapper and pop star Doja Cat. The issue arose after he posted a private conversation between them where Cat asked about his co-star Joseph Quinn.

The 26-year-old singer got upset and called out Schnapp on Instagram Live. In the video, she called the actor "unbelievably socially unaware and whack" and referred to him posting their chat "snake behavior." However, the two made up later as Schnapp told his fans on TikTok that things were "all good" between them.

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