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By TheBlast Staff on February 10, 2020 at 1:57 PM EST

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Lana Del Rey took to Instagram in December last year to announce her relationship with Sean Larkin, who is a cop and an analyst on A&E Live PD. The lad also appears on Live Rescue, and hosts Live PD Presents PD Cam. News about the two first surfaced after they were spotted at Central Park having a nice time together.

In the photo, 34-year-old Del Rey leans against her boyfriend, whose arm is wrapped around his love, and kissing her at the top of her head.

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Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Del Rey revealed that they were both not aware someone was taking shots at them. They were simply in their out and about in New York, and she would have worn something different had she known she would pose.

However, she found it funny that she had been in a relationship with someone else for years and never encountered such an occurrence. The cop seemingly swept the singer of her feet as she has been defensive of the fact that he is a cop.

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Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

The public may not have expected Del Rey to date a cop, and she has even been forced to answer questions regarding her decision. According to her, Larkin, who goes by the nickname ‘Sticks’ is a good cop. She describes him as an officer who gets it and sees things from both sides.

His nickname ‘stick’ originated from his Captain, a name that fellow officers spread in the streets. He revealed this in an interview, explaining how he had chased a criminal with no weapon, and his Captain began to call him a ‘bleep-stick.’

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Gettyimages | Slaven Vlasic

For the 2020 Grammys Awards, Del Rey had been nominated in two categories, and she was not planning to appear for the big event alone. Larkin was her date, and the love birds were not afraid of a PDA at the red carpet.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she revealed her happiness with the new relationship. Del Rey was responding to a comment by the host, who claimed to have noticed they were holding hands. They had the day before been to the Grammy Salute and the Pre-Grammy Gala.

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Gettyimages | Rebecca Sapp

The ‘Summertime Sadness Singer’ who shocked fans after rumors that she was dating a cop walked out on her ex-boyfriend without breaking a word about her decision. She had dated Barrie-James O’Neill from 2011 to 2014.

According to O’Neill, Del Rey did not inform him of their breakup, until he got to learn from his cousin. The concerned cousin had texted him, saying sorry that the two had parted ways. The ex-Kassidy member however, maintains that there is no bad blood between them.

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